The Lounge For New Home

The Lounge For New Home
The Lounge For New Home
The palette of colors that predominate in this environment embraces the blue range, gray and cream white. Few and decisive are the touches of black. Everything was organized in a very classic style, but with a strong touch of romance, as there are many oriental accents. The white walls are the neutral background to the aviation elements and clean and simple furnishings. A corner sofa was positioned in front of the fireplace, on which was placed a delightful decorative mirror. It is noteworthy, also, the absence of a TV! In its place he was installed a projector.

The touches of color are instead found in the decorative elements such as pillows, the carpet, the blanket and the flowers, which give all details make the comfortable and family atmosphere. The room is bathed in light, and this not only thanks to the many windows that surround it, but also through the use of soothing colors.

and the dining room

The living room is, however, part of a large open floor plan that includes a dining area. It is a very quaint area. The table boasts elegant solid wood legs, and is served by six very comfortable and enveloping soft seating, with a quilted upholstery in gray and decorated with silver handles on the back. Do not you think that the environment has an air rather colonial From this point of view, we can see a number of items and decorations from the eastern tone, souvenirs of a long journey through which shines the immense love that runs through the rooms of this house.

The kitchen

The kitchen has a simple décor with smooth fronts in graphite and white walls which accentuate the lines, also partly coated with a wallpaper with vertical stripes. The window gives the room a flow of natural light, very precious for indoor lighting.


The bedroom fits perfectly in the style that we met until now, dominated by the cool tones of gray and delicacy by adding white furniture, accessories and fabrics. Very interesting is the wall behind the headboard covered with stone panels.

The bathroom

The bathroom is characterized by a coating of tiles from the wavy pattern that forms the optical illusion similar to the waves of the sea. The shower room was separate from the bathroom through a transparent glass wall.

The outdoor patio

But let’s move to the outside and back to the great patio. The columns are made of Thassos stone blocks that give them this majestic character. The surface is covered with slats Larch, while the living room is furnished in a comfortable and relaxing.

Organic And Contemporary Living Rooms

Organic And Contemporary Living Rooms
Organic And Contemporary Living Rooms

The tastes and trends are rapidly changing, and we have proof in ‘recurrent use of materials, for the bedroom wall decoration, which until now seemed to be reserved for other purposes. The concrete naked, for example, is one of these. Come to think at first glance it is difficult to associate such a material to an environment that needs to be cozy and welcoming, and instead look here!

Exposed brick

Such as cement, bricks are another fashion material Their industrial character has gone through the walls of old factories and then creep into the depths of hundreds of homes walls like this. white painted buy an interesting contemporary character, without sacrificing their texture made of very clean signs.

An original project

Not only are the materials chosen to turn a bedroom into a modern space, but it is also the arrangement and combination of them on the wall to create unique environments like this. The bed is flanked by a coating that has nothing to do with the dominant color in the space it occupies, and it is this contrast of sober and serene colors that generates a great personality environment.

Wood, a safe bet

Among the coatings which can be chosen for the wall of the chamber the timber is a material that, in general, ensure a certain heat to space. Used on the cover and on the wall, in this set-up makes the ‘meeting with Morpheus for the inhabitants of the room is as smooth as possible. Indeed who could resist in such an environment

padded walls

Original option that can give an elegant and distinct to the wall of our bedroom is the use of a padded jacket, which of course has nothing to do with the typical padded walls of asylums. This decorative solution will give our bedroom a sophisticated look with a ‘very romantic aura.And do not forget to properly illuminate these objects so that they are also exploited in the absence of natural light.

the woods yet

Although we have already spoken of the wood for the coating of the wall of the room, it is worth also consider another example. It is a project with modern lines, in which the material is perfectly matched with the white that characterizes many elements of ‘furniture. The contrast here generates a clear sense of calm and tranquility that makes the most refined settings, a real invitation to rest and relaxation.

Nice And Simple This House Will Amaze You!

Nice And Simple This House Will Amaze You!
Nice And Simple This House Will Amaze You!
A very simple house in its exterior architecture, but made special by its interior design and the integration between the spaces and residential applications. The needs of the owners were satisfied with sophisticated solutions and highly creative, with elements and really elegant details.

This house, with an absolutely common, could be anywhere, even right near your condo. Simple, with its white-painted gate, already looming as a fresh and welcoming space, and we are intrigued to discover the interior …

This house, with an absolutely common, could be anywhere, even right near your condo. Simple, with its white-painted gate, already looming as a fresh and welcoming space, and we are intrigued to discover the interior …

We enter then, and discover all the secrets of this house. We are in the living area and we see from here as the dining room is connected to the kitchen. It is a form of integration of the different functions, illuminated, not only by the natural light, but also by the different shades of white and beige that characterize the space.

On the wall, the partition wall has been covered with wallpaper with a modern printing and original, which is used to define spaces without too many interruptions. It is a visual separation which allows interaction between the residents and their guests in different areas of the living area.

They predominate in the kitchen warm tones with wooden furniture under the dark worktop and use of ceramic coating colors in various shades of beige, sand and light brown.

We end with a flourish with a very special space, a winter turned into a kitchen with grill garden, ideal for moments of conviviality with family and friends … tell the truth, we were not already doing a little thought

During the summer months it is almost impossible to live our terrace, because of the strong sun exposure The solution for us is a tent in free fall and adjustable in height – as the example shown here from Ravini CURTAINS – that allows us to create shade when necessary and live like the outer space of our house.

Depending on the size and materials costs could vary from a minimum of 400 Euro to a maximum of about 1,500 Euros.

The tent in the fall

We want a cover to be used only when necessary In this case we focus on an awning with fully recessed box, as we see proposed by PAROLINI CURTAINS, for a price starting from 500 euros.

4 mistakes that are often performed while Wearing Gucci Watches

Wear the Watch has become one of the fashion trends that are currently present. Many are using watches as extra accessories when the fashion and style. Like the Gucci brand is indeed producing a wide range of women’s fashion accessories, from bags, purses and watches. Gucci is indeed known by the quality of its products. But sometimes people just wear the Watch not as the original function. What is it? Let’s check out the following reviews:
1. for the activities of the evening, one of select watches.
For evening events that impressed the formal, don’t choose the wrong model number jam tangan wanita gucci casual. Because it is so does not fit with an important event.


2. Do not know the function of the watch itself.
Wear the Watch not just for style only. We also need to know the functionality exists in gucci watches and its benefits. Well one of the watches with high complexity is chornograph that presents a time zone to the time of the current side by side.


3. Watches are too expensive
Just to simply stylish and looks stylish gucci watches are probably less so fitting because the premium-class with a hefty price tag is expensive. Maybe if only for stylish can wear watches medioker like casio, skagen, nixon was still in the bag.


4. Don’t care for gucci watches well
Some call that expensive price of gucci watches can be set as an investment for the future, it could have been realized if we can still take care of watches gucci sampe several years into the future. Due to the conditions of the less good hours of course will reduce the resale value of these hours.


You have watches gucci? know the function and the reason you are willing to buy the expensive price of the clock. Because it would be a great fit as you can also know about the benefits of gucci watches you buy.

From The First Till Now Alba Watches Are Always In High Demand

For you the fans especially accessories watches certainly are familiar with a very legendary brands namely Alba. A touch of classic and original watches analog model makes this brand has always had a place for his fans.
Founded in Japan in about 1979, alba began producing a simple analogue watches with engines and body then compete with watches swiss bauatan. Along with seiko earlier exist, alba then started to develop products ranging from watches of East asia and then penetrated the European market and also America.
With carrying the brand is indeed clasik design aiming for the jam tangan pria and women who want to look stylish and elegant. Very comfortable for wear every day and can also be used on formal occasions. A lot of people who are still faithful with the alba watches are in addition to the large number of brands that emit a modern design but they are still loyal to retain the alba watches clasik.
Alba watches price this man in bandrol value can still be affordable i.e. 1.4 million range for the color silver chain model that is a favorite of men. And for women’s watches there are ranging from 500rbu to millions of rupiah. Because the rates are still affordable here’s what made watches brands alba still exist to this day. In addition, the models are simple and just put the main functions of the clock as a timing pointer makes it very focus on function. And reserved design indeed filmed products still carry the design clasik.
Lots of stores selling brand alba hours and for his own online very much once offering watches alba with very cheap prices. But you don’t easily attracted by the prices on offer. Check to find out whether the trusted onine shop, there are some online shop recommend such as Timitime that offer watches alba various models with guaranteed quality and at competitive rates.
So wait, please visit Timitime and complete your collection of watches.

Want To Know Your Favourite Watches Shahruh Khan?

Known as one of the greatest actors Bollywood films throughout history after Amitaba Chan made the handsome actor‘s name is always on the watch for his performance. Many of the film’s title is already in perankan so that his name leapt into the international world. Even shahruh khan is bollywood celebs pay most dearly. No wonder if her lifestyle definitely glamour, but apparently not for a keep alive khan shahruh reasonable though could say very rich.
This actor lifestyle indeed is unusual and very far from negative news. A positive life and brilliant career is what makes shahruh khan slighted as one of ambasador brand watches Tag Heuer. Swiss watches is one of the premium class watches which are already known and one of the classy branded watches for the well-heeled.
Shahruh khan claims to be fond of watches with elegant modern design with a touch of the fashionable. Tag heuer watches and very fitting with the khan shahruh personal indeed known perfectionist in any case. The watches used shahruh khan indeed must comply with strict discipline and character, because the watch is always in use when shooting or relaxed. This is indeed one of the actors in familiar high discipline, he always appreciate all the time and always on time if there was indeed an appointment.
Tag heuer watches are indeed known to have some brand Ambassador of hollywood celebs and famous athletes as well. Branded watches is indeed on the go for those who want the look of a classy and classic. Some hollywood celebs who slighted became ambassador George Clooney, was Leonardo de Caprio, there is a famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and many other famous celebs.
Tag heuer watches are known to be one of the premium upscale watches because the quality is the best and has a grade A + which means including watches highly qualified and assured.

Beautify Home Garden Furniture Garden By Using The Most Good & Qualified


Usually the patio garden furniture will be able to play a very important role in order to beautify the garden in your home later. And they sometimes can also come in your outdoor space. Therefore, if you really want the best for your patio furniture later, then it will also be able to provide many benefits either for your own or others who share them. In addition, you will also be able to make them very surprised by your taste which is indeed very good in terms of choosing furniture. Meanwhile, outdoor patio furniture is very beautiful and comfortable this will also help you in improving the quality of life later on. To achieve this, all you need to do is purchase teak incredible and you will have the ultimate in luxury patio furniture.

Teak furniture itself is derived teak furniture or teak. They are obtained from plantation teak trees which are usually owned by a resident or local government. In addition, teak wood supplied many of the countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and India. They have a golden brown color that is very warm. But after long use, usually furniture will change color to silver gray are still classy. Both colors are owned by the teak furniture will indeed still can make you get an amazing sight. In addition, this would make identity becomes a perfect choice for you in improving lives outside your area later. But, if you still want the gold color of teak wood, then you can use teak oil as teak protector annually.

The best feature of teak is that it is very sturdy and durable because it is a very hard wood that is virtually indestructible. This is one of the most respected forest around the world to build things because it is not easily damaged. It is also highly Teak Furniture Supplier resistant to outdoor elements as natural oils so if you had to stay outside, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged. The fact that it was used to build boats and ships is an indication of the toughness to survive in rough seas and harsh weather conditions.

Patio furniture wood itself is very elegant and also very convenient. they even be able to make you more comfortable with their thick plush pillows. In addition, there are currently several teak furniture transformed into items that attract more people like sofas, loveseats, club chairs and coffee table and end tables. There is such a wide variety of fruit available that the best way to see them is through online furniture store.

If you are looking for the best way to complement your outdoor space, you should really go with a set of outdoor furniture made from teak wood because it is the best money can buy. When you are ready to throw the main summer bash, you’ll have a quality furniture that is stylish, durable and comfortable. This will leave a lasting impression on your guests that you really have a very good eye for style and elegance. It is an ideal choice for any porch, patio or deck.

Powerful Guaranteed !! 5 Ways Of Getting rid of rats in the home


Your home is no rat ?? If according to  heck is it because  lazy to clean. Keep ya so as a result, so many rat. In the rat was the most liked places weve dirty-dirty. But MBDC I’m not often clean up? Yes yes MBDC know, but it was not enough  use  tissue. The house was to be frequently on the broom and mop, do not look at the lap use a tissue when you want to use.

But if the house I was already  nest of rats for how dong? Quiet, here MBDC is present to help the problems of everyday ye are complex and random.  rat was tricky. But if you  light of rat problem, do not regret that one day books and important documents you  damaged rats. Or suppose you maintain a bird, you must be careful so that you do not eat the same bird rat. Rather than add a headache thinking about the damaging effects that made the same mice, mending immediately wrote you see the solution.
Toxins and Pitfalls

The first one you can destroy the intruder rats with poison and traps  way. You can poison and traps it in every place that frequent sightings of rats. Noteworthy if you want to make a trap, install a trap with baited with food. Do not give a trap with bait material or money, because you’re dealing with here is the house mice and not rats office. Furthermore, if the poison and traps you are successful, you’re going to see the rats lay helpless as if requested by leniency with you.

But the ways to spread poison and rat trap is considered ineffective. That’s because the rate of proliferation of rats are quite high. So taxable trap one, but had a child of ten. Besides stocking rat poison is also dangerous for the environment. Therefore passable other ways your wrote more environmentally friendly, such as …

Second, you can use objects that could  sounds strange. Because, basically, the rat would not like crowds posed by strange noises it. You can use a toy-toy you who are not used. Put  in places frequented by rodents. Or if you want a more practical and effective you can also buy a tool that can sounds with frequencies that interfere with hearing the rats earlier.

But if suppose you feel extravagant and wasteful electric battery when using electronic devices before, you can change by using more natural ways. You can use the crickets chirping complaints could. Subsequently the same, put in the kitchen or in rooms that become his base camp of the rat. The sound of crickets is what will ultimately make the rats disturbed and decided to leave your house. The sound of crickets can also make the effects of relaxation and relieve stress for you who are tired with the urban atmosphere. Besides cricket can also be used as a means to make money. Just say  “Cricket boss ……..”

In addition to the sounds, you can also create odors that can make mice can not take longer stay at your house. These odors can you get from some things, such as camphor,  fruit, durian peel and mint oil. For camphor or camphor, destroy roughly a few pieces of camphor, then scatter in the same place often passed mice. For the  fruit, chopped into pieces and put it in the house that often there is the mouse. For durian skin is the same, put a piece of durian skin at the corners of the room were a lot of the mouse.

Choose the Modern and Stylish Furniture for Your House


Modern and stylish furniture multiplies the beauty of every home. Therefore people want to equip their homes with furniture most stylish new design. However, selecting the right furniture is an important task. It is becoming more difficult due to the presence of multiple choice designer furniture. People are often confused about what to choose and what to leave. Another problem that people often face while choosing designer furniture reclaimed teak dining table is budget factor. Therefore they need proper assistance while buying furniture for their homes.

Selection of the Right Furniture

While buying furniture for your home, you need to keep three things in your mind, comfort, design and budget. Without considering three important factors you will not be able to select the perfect furniture for your home.

Convenience is the most important factor when choosing furniture. Look and feel factor comes after it, because if your furniture is very stylish but not comfortable, then you will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of your furniture for a long time. Budget is also an important constraint. Therefore, think wisely before selecting expensive furniture for your home. You might get a better offer furniture.

You also need to give serious consideration to the color and design of your furniture, because they can enhance the beauty of the interior of your home and create an atmosphere of internal magnificent. If possible try to choose furniture design that matches the color scheme of your home. Like, if you have adopted a white color scheme in your living room and then the orange colored sofa set will not confirm the appearance. It’s better if you go with the white color of the same or opposite to the blocks like (or colors with high contrast). This will give the appearance of life to your living room.

Designer Furniture Cost Effective

Designer furniture is not always expensive. But to get better deals on designer furniture home, one needs to do proper market research. One of the best sources to buy cost effective designer furniture online furniture store. Yes, the furniture designer online store provides a wide variety of luxury bedroom furniture, living room furniture comfortable, and special furniture for your child’s room in attractive designs and bright colors.

Therefore, try online furniture store once to buy a modern and stylish furniture for your home. You will definitely be able to get the best picks for you.

How to Make Bookshelf Independently Part 2


Make sure you use the guide to get the edges straight. To make both sides of the bookcase, the board cut into 2 pieces with each length reaches 1.06 m. You can adjust these measurements if you want a higher bookcase or short. Image titled Build a Bookshelf Step 5 preview 3 Cut the bottom of your cabinets and shelves. Remember and enter into your calculations that the width of the saw blade is 3.1 mm. Torn 1.9 cm thick plywood boards into strips as wide as 30.1 cm to make a bookshelf. Torn pieces of both width 30.7 cm to make the top and bottom shelves. Cut two more sections along the 77.4 cm to make the top, bottom and two racks. 4 Cut the connection niche. The niche is a groove cut into a chunk of wood. In this case, make the connection niche will help the top of the bookcase it is square and secure on both sides. Prepare a chainsaw to cut about 9.5 mm.

Cut along these lines with a straight cut on the shelves measuring 3.2 mm in stages until the track width according to the thickness of the plywood. Image titled Build a Bookshelf Step 6Bullet1 You can also use the tool successor with ball bearings to help you cut. Image titled Build a Bookshelf Step 6Bullet2 image titled Build a Bookshelf Step 7 preview 5 Perform drilling to make holes that are tailored along the bookshelves. Because of the size of the assortment of books and you will probably make a change, then it is better if you make her shelves can be adjusted so that you can organize and redesign the shelves according to your wishes.

Pinch a hollow board / peg board (this will be your prints to perforate) in place so that the first hole will be 10.16 cm and 10.16 cm from the top to the bottom of the middle bookcase. If you do not have a peg board, make a mold of a piece of pine with a thickness of 1.9 cm and cut according to the length of the bookcase. Use a drill bit fitted with a 1.6 cm thick trowel to create a number of holes of the same size on the board for example. [4] Use a drill bit diameter the same as the peg rack to support the peg and make a hole diameter of 5 cm with a distance of about 5 cm from the edge gradually. Drill 3.2 mm deeper than the length of the post. Put a plaster or drill stop briefly to guide you drill to the correct depth and takes into account the thickness of the peg board.

Add some beams. If you want, you can add multiple beams to support the middle and bottom shelf; The beams will support the framework without excessive weight. If you decide to add beams, know that the center of the rack you will not be moved; and you can not customize it.

Paste beams as thick as 2.5 or 5 cm in the middle or bottom shelf and stick with nailing it to completion. Navigate the nails to the head just above the surface of the wood, then, nails regularly to move it below the surface of the wood. Drill and the top of the bookcase, and then paste it with glue and two pieces of wood screws. Place the middle shelf and bottom in place. When the upper rack has been strong,  the bottom shelf. Use wood glue on the beam for the bottom shelf and adjust the rack in position. Drill and  side bookcases and bookshelves paste by using two wood screws. If you decide to use the beams to support the central part of the shelf, attach it now as you attach the bottom shelf earlier.

Attach the rear cover. The back cover will give the final look in your bookcase and keep paint a wall in the back of your bookcase. Make sure you are square-shaped bookcase. Tighten all screws and if necessary put your bookcase in a pretty sight. Measure Teak Furniture Indonesia and cut the back cover board cabinets. Start from one place and use a nail length 2.5 cm to tighten the back cover of your bookcase. Tidy up or make up your bookcase will provide the appropriate view. If you have measured the closet that fits corner of your home, decorate your bookcase to give a personal view.

Attach the ornament at a distance of 2.5 or 5 cm from the edge of the side and bottom of the bookcase using a 5 cm long nails and glue. You may want to form a bracket for your decoration; see the end is up to you. When the trimmer is already in place, use a connection with a circle of diameter 1.27 cm to smooth the sharp edges. Image titled Build a Bookshelf Step 12Bullet2. Glue and prints of the nails on the bookshelf end so as not to distort the shape. If you prefer the look unsightly, use binding machine rather than a tool foundries to cover the edge of the plywood. Lower the temperature of the heat on board and use the tools on the skirting board lacquered birch wood from the edge of the plywood, shelves, top and bottom to make binding. Then Emphasize varnish board firmly to the plywood using j-roller. Cut the plywood boards to length varnish with a knife versatile. Use wood varnish trimmer to cut the excess edges and  edges using 120 grit abrasives so flush with  board.