How To Learn Driving Car That Good For Beginners

Skills how to drive a car that is good in the era of the all-powerful is really needed by anyone. So no wonder if the price of the course the steering wheel is not a major problem for those who want to quickly be able to drive. Has not been able to afford it is already not right for the argument did not know how to drive a manual car or matic. Because this skill is required as a profession has a lot of work, such as taxi drivers, private vehicle to the driver of the company, and many more.

Clutch, brake and gas
And to looking for work, the ability to drive a car is an added value. Especially if attaching a driving course certificate. Because every company is now of course have their own car for daily activities, or a security guard, this time more in the search-driving, and many more examples of work that gives more value.

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How to hold the steering wheel the car is good and right

Although it looks quite trivial even easier, driver of the car is a leader in the vehicle, he responsible for the safety of all passengers also lives in it. And because driving skill now more necessary as the era of advanced technology, then here trying to write a common technique How To Learn Driving Car That Good For Beginners.

Free How to Learn Car Driving Experience Good Match Me
Let’s start learning to drive a car! He began with a bit of theory and then practice immediately grasp the steering wheel as well as learn about the basics of driving. What about the way the theory and practice that has been my experience, read on to the end.
The first step in learning to drive a car that is good for beginners is start with the theory and practice continued to hold the steering wheel while learning about the basics of driving.

Gas: Certainly function is to speed up or slow down.
Brakes: Used to slow or stop the pace car
Clutch: As a prerequisite for the gearshift and prerequisites stop. In addition to these two things, by releasing the clutch is also a prerequisite in order to start the car when the driver stepped on the accelerator. But if it does not fit then it will or jump nor dead engine.

Dead Machine Learning While Driving
While the two possibilities that lead to the engine off when you are learning to drive, the
Start only release the clutch and declutch just forget about gas just as well as the Stop forget to press the clutch (the foot is lifted from the lever, but lifted slowly but still stuck).
Car Gearboxes
Let’s take the example of learning to drive a manual car. Normally the vehicle manual th. 90s has 5 speed, ie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and R or backward. Green is the neutral position.

How to hold the steering wheel
How to hold the steering wheel the car is good and right
How to hold the steering wheel is good and right
How to hold the steering wheel is not a bump-shaped end of the lever grip, but wear two sections held under the index finger and the middle finger and the other is flanked on either side without pressure and pull of “Relax”.

How to hold the gear lever and gear shift (gears)
How to hold the gear lever and gear shift (gears)
gear lever
When moving the insistence feel and sound, when it reads “Klek” meaningful match. While driving we should be able to do it by reflex “memorize the location of the position and the displacement step” Because while driving should not be glanced lever or other panels including persneleng gas or brake to operate the car. Motorists should continue to focus on adjusting the distance the car on the right-left and front.

Start Learning Driving Practices
First, find the neutral position of the car is not meloncat.persneleng to understand and learn first how to start, stop and pass.

Learning Driving Cars Good For Beginners
Learning Driving Cars Good For Beginners
To begin start Start the engine, stepped on the clutch and put perneling 1 continues to stomp the clutch, gas and choke the right foot to the engine noise increased. Slowly – slowly clutch off without raising the gas, you feel the car starting to move. if the car is running stable just off the clutch and add gas.

How to pass perneling
How to pass on the same principle also by means of start earlier, however there are differences in his shift, the clutch is pressed, the gear lever is moved past the clutch was not answered slowly, but fast as gas choke.

How to Stop
How to stop the car when the study is to squeeze the clutch, release the gas and sliding right foot and stomp on the brake pedal slowly putting on the brakes in order to position the vehicle more slowly as you wish. But remember not to squeeze the brake pedal firmly and suddenly, at risk! Not only can lead to incidents of butting … the back of us: D, or at least will .

There are two main principles to keep in mind, in order to drive safely: the drive correctly (do not brake suddenly, kept on track, give the signal before when turning, braking as well as the preparation of an appropriate speed, etc.) as well as the 2nd ! Although we are on the right track, but if you want yes it with him ..

Tips before Learning Driving

When learning to drive a car should understand the steps distance to preempt and avoid the collision. Learn how to set the pace of the vehicle properly, how to slow down and speed up. was driving tips . Understand also facilitate the road, stop, and set the direction of the vehicle speed.

How to learn to drive a car that is good in theory easily, the most important for road safety is the ability to see. Can predict with certainty the distance and the road to go through, including the width of the path to go. If we drove it to note that the view straight ahead with percentage view of the left side of 60% as well as the right of 40%.

Remember on the left is where we exist and are generally on the road to the left there is parking vehicles, tricycles, walkers legs and other vehicles. Know and feel how the speed of the car, whether straight, oblique or turn as well as the position of the edge is straight, the distance is too close or direction too leads to vehicle / other objects in front in other words the potential of crashing.

And the most important in learning to drive a good car and the truth is sure to always pray according to their religion and their respective beliefs prior to the start.
Getting Started:
Before when you start to learn to drive, preferably when you prepare for a lot of major things below, namely:
Strong will
Remember all a it relies on its purpose, preferably when you straighten willingness first before time began.

It’s up to acquire a major meet such criteria: not just a stolen car, it is recommended to wear the car fixed using the means clutch (manual), it is recommended also specify a car that has a large size such as deer, panther, or the like.

someone Teachers
Remember!! that person must be someone who can drive, do not determine who is both studying.

The first day
Start the first day by reading Basmallah. On the first day is done is understand the basic controls of each feature existing car dashboard. Indeed every car is different, but at least you should know the steps turn on and turn off the engine, step wear light cents and lamu hazard, wearing headlamps and lights remotely, moving the wiper to handle the rain, and so on

When you have to understand, this time time to learn basic provisions concerning driving. There are several provisions of the basic but at least the minimum must understand about the use of the left lane and right, the norm in the preceding, and the meaning of signs, roadways.

The achievement of this first day that you must have mastered the whole theory regarding the above two things.

Time to jump into the field, yup really into the field. Look for a complex field around your house to practice forward and backward. The point is to familiarize yourself playing with the clutch. Please be sure you can drive a car with no engine vibration is smooth so (especially if it dies and death always). When you have, please come out of the ground and Begin moving your car on the streets of the compound. Do it yourself to do the transfer rate of speed many times (mutually dental purposes). Trains also your eyes to look backwards using the rearview mirror. Absolutely recommended to determine the track straight and flat on the 2nd day of this.

Today the menu remains the same also with a day at first, the difference today you switch tracks (track) on the straight more berbelak-turn. Ok, speedily seek the path that meanders in your neighborhood. Do not underestimate the convolution technique, because although simple technique is quite difficult to implement with excellence. Which took note when turning is not time to take the path of another driver. Limited info, turn right harder than the left turn because hardly can be sure you will cut off the other driver.

Now is the time to climb, climb around the complex looking for your home and practice there. There are two techniques in the world of driving, first put on the handbrake, as well as the 2nd game art clutch wear. Today is the day where you learn to master the technique 2nd. Work on some kind of level of steepness uphill climbs and variations do with the way forward as well as backward. Remember!! attention is also your car’s engine temperature, because in essence the benefits of coupling that protects the engine so you do not die and play the same clutch also by playing your car’s engine to ascending lower ability. Feature car engine has been hot the smoke appears from the hood.

One of the tricks that really need to learn is how to hold the car hold steady pace did not retreat when there is no wear on the ramp foot brake or hand brake. This sort of thing can only be done with a combination of gas and matching clutch. Practicing practicing and practicing, only one step to be adept at this technique.

You have mastered the way uphill ?? Time to learn to park the car. Yep, the technique is quite difficult, almost the same level of difficulty with uphill or can also be more difficult for specific circumstances. First parking backwards as if pulled in a public parking place, working from left and right. After that horizontal parking technique. Parking technique is commonly used when we are dealing with a parallel parking space. Parallel parking is an awesome challenge difficult for beginners. I could attempt to use the park as well as 30 minutes to be able to park the match. … If you have, continue with the combined park and uphill, ie, try to park in the ramp. The achievement of these days that you have mastered a variety of techniques to park for a variety of common parking problem.

Time to take to the streets !! Yup, try to get out of your house complex. This time try was made in a big way in your town to track her. Wear all the strength that you have elaborated on the day at first to conquer the city streets. … , do not forget to also step content of gasoline right. Generally, beginners do not understand the steps open the gas cap. .. Had the events I do not know the position of the tank opening car because car loan Lecturer, fortunately, can be successfully embarrassment and seek help officers gasoline POM)

Time for sightseeing or studying ! To be honest there is nothing to be taught in terms of speeding (drive the vehicle at speeds above 60 km / h) because indeed it is a natural power which certainly appear by itself in a group of several professional drivers. Especially looks young and just learning, certainly want to feel tasted a little speeding .. … It’s just examine the state of the vehicle as well as the circumstances of the vehicle before the time your car with high speed. The toll road is the right place to implement the technique on this one. WARNING: This guide warning only can you do when you have truly believes can arrange car and make sure you comply with regulatory requirements, not getting the optimum speed over 100 km / h. Possible fatal as a child artist in th event. 2014 may take place .

Driving Learning Theory For Beginners
Before you start let us understand more theory driving lessons for beginners, (the car in a situation off or the engine is shut off and stop). Special for cars Manual.
Before you start let us understand more theory driving lessons for beginners , (the car in a situation off or the engine is shut off and stop). Special for cars Manual.

1. Cars in the situation off the engine did not live, look and elaborated some of the names of instruments or components in the area of the front cabin and on the dashboard with the best.

For example, pedal brake, accelerator, clutch, gears, hand brake, handlebar for windshield wipers rear, rearview mirror, stick to dim the lights, close the lights, lamp-sen sen right and left buttons, horn buttons, seat belts and some other control panel in the dashboard.

2. For car gear teeth manually, memorize first scheme of shifting gears until memorized outside the head to the practice of flipping start in first gear, reverse gear and gear after that until the very end.

Generally, there is the symbol of letters and numbers, eg numbers O (0) or N (normal) for the gear in a normal position, Figures 1 s. d 5 or depending on the type of cars and capitalized R (for road backwards).

Then practice reaching the gas pedal, exchange the brake pedal and the clutch pedal, remember the machine in a situation of death, no road or a car stops.

practice until you are proficient move the gears and reach pedal entirely by not turned to the tools, training and continue to do your eyes fixed on the front and to the right and left rear view mirror.

3. After memorized and can sufficiently operate minimum move the gearshift, reaching the brake pedal, gas and clutch. then these measures have started to turn on the engine.

Eye Clearer and Healthier Food Consumption Best For Eyes

There are millions of people who suffer from macular degeneration and cataracts, this number may continue to increase if always ignore the health of their eyes. Whereas it is important to keep the blood vessels eye to stay healthy, the solution is to avoid the causes of complaint to the eye and maintain eye health Speaking of eye health, not just treatment from the outside is needed, care of in such quantities of healthy food on the daily menu you are equally needed. Some studies show that intake of foods rich in nutrients play a role in protecting the health of the eye.

Foods rich in lutein, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and antioxidants can help resolve most complaints even prevent age-related diseases including cataracts and macular degeneration. Irradiation of light such as from prolonged computer use can be the main reason that can cause eye damage. Well, here you can keep your eyes healthy by eating healthy foods to make the eyes more clearly and keep him healthy.

1. Greens

Green vegetables such as turnip greens, mustard greens, kale, and other leafy green vegetables contain powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants play a role in helping the absorption of blue light is extremely dangerous to the eyes and improve your vision.
In addition, many studies that prove if green vegetables can reduce the risk of chronic eye disease even though such cataract. Besides beneficial for maintaining healthy eyes, green vegetables such as spinach can be useful to protect brain cells and prevent the onset of dementia.

2. Carrots

It’s always, carrots serve as the best food for eye health. Carrots are a source of vitamin A which is very good as well as beta-carotene that can promote overall eye health. Where vitamin A function is very important to keep the eye surface that looks clear, while beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect eye cells from exposure to free radicals that can damage the eye. In addition, beta-carotene may help reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataract risk.

3. Salmon

As with other fish oils, salmon is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids best, which is very effective laneways help maintain the health of your eyes. By eating salmon on a regular basis then it can reduce the risk of macular degeneration by as much as 38 percent. In addition, vitamin D is so high in salmon can help improve eye health sereta improve cardiac performance.

Here are some food menu that you can enter in the daily diet to maintain healthy eyes and make it clearer. For a beautiful and healthy eyes is the beginning of a bright world.

Beliefs Of Design, The Most Beautiful To Decorate Your Home With Style

Beliefs Of Design, The Most Beautiful To Decorate Your Home With Style
Beliefs design, modern style reinvents a piece inevitable furnishing classic “Grandma”, giving this piece of furniture look suitable for any style and taste. The beliefs of design are perfect for city apartments and allow to recover a container with no important, however, to look old and outdated environments.

There are pieces of furniture almost completely abandoned because, in tight spaces for modern apartments, we tend to emphasize other components that appear necessary. One such furniture is undoubtedly the table, left out unfairly in modern bedrooms, but also the belief looks like a piece of furniture outdated The belief of the grandmother, the one full of glassware that must never be touched with the windows covered by handmade doilies, is definitely a piece of furniture and scarcely suitable for a modern but, come to think, it was a piece of furniture that could hold a lot, and this feature will never go out of fashion because the houses are always cluttered with objects.

Beliefs modern design allow you to retrieve an important container, without giving a look old environments. The rounded lines and the darker tones are perfect in homes decorated in a classic style, while those more linear, clean, shiny, make beautiful figure in a contemporary house. Madie square-shaped and beliefs are mostly low furniture components widely used by modern designers because they are very versatile: they can be adapted to the living room or open space, as well as in kitchens and living space in the bedrooms. The materials used to build the beliefs are at the forefront of design and also the classic wood, such as ash and walnut, is processed so as to become innovative and unique, as you would expect from a piece of furniture design. Are now rare beliefs themselves, those high and massive, but who has a fine collection of glassware and wants to show it can certainly find a cupboard with glasses that can bring out the transparency of glass.

There are also beliefs suspended on the wall in various heights, depending on the needs; other beliefs are composed of several pieces, with a lower part as to rest on the floor and a hanging, or structured on three or four different columns that have all the same measures. In this case, the checkerboard effect that can be created with the different compartments of the beliefs is in itself an original touch. As mentioned, the beliefs of modern design can be easily inserted and decorated in a setting decorated in classic style: following simple rules can enrich a classic style with modern pieces of furniture, as is also the original make unique decor inserting modern antiques.

What Manager For Private Equity?

What Manager For Private Equity?
Strategic vision, results orientation and internationality are the top three features required for managers to be included in its investments, so as to be relevant were assessed at 100% by the operators of private equity in the selection of candidates.

Soon after, with rates still very high, around 97%, they will require leadership and ethics. Follow credibility and reputation, adaptability and ability to execute the strategic vision of the PE (Private Equity), striving for innovation; It should also be highlighted, in the ranking of skills, willingness to co-judged important investment with a percentage of 76.5, while closing the list risk appetite, considered important by only 47.1% of respondents.

From the main findings of the survey dedicated to Private Equity led by Wyser, the company Gi Group research and selection of profiles of middle and senior management, is a portrait of a “manager-entrepreneur” representative of a new course for the sector.

“Ethics and participation in investment, in particular, stand out among the less obvious skills required of professionals and reflect an important evolution in the industry, and typically mirror forerunner of market generally, as well as leverage for development in contexts blocked – said Carlo Corporal, Senior Director of Italy Wyser -. Today the center there is the revival and the full exploitation of the portfolio companies, often family of origin, but of great prospects for international development and even be strengthened in terms of organization and governance. For features that have emerged, we can say that the segment of private equity is presented as a very interesting perspective for managers who have played roles as CEO and CFO concrete, careful and experienced that want to take on a new professional challenge with an approach from entrepreneur ».

In the field of pay package expected to these roles, respondents, beyond the fixed rate, they indicated between the elements present in most of the cases the benefits (the car, in particular, to 79.4%), followed by variable Annual (STI, Short Term Incentive for 76.5%), the voice equity / stock options / participation (by 67.6%) and variable medium-long term (LTI equity-based) denoted by the same percentage ( 61.8%) of health insurance.

It should be noted that the compensation for these professionals is composed on average only 46% of the total of a fixed component, while 18.4% from a variable annual and 35.3% from a variable medium / long period.

The variable component for these professionals has a weight much higher than the traditional business leaders, a reflection of a business mentality that requires the manager also in terms of salary – says Corporal

How To Cook Beans Blacks, 3 Recipes To Taste The Best

How To Cook Beans Blacks, 3 Recipes To Taste The Best
How to cook beans blacks, 3 recipes to taste the best a first course, a rich side dish and a second tasty, three way to cook and enjoy this quaint legume, widespread in South America.

The blacks beans are a popular vegetable in Mexico, where it is used to create all kinds of dishes. This bean is immediately recognizable by the black color of its skin, while the inner pulp remains clear, as in other legumes. The blacks beans are high in fiber, antioxidants, starch and iron, so they are perfect for a vegan or vegetarian diet, but also for those who want to get your fill of beneficial substances without having the sodium problem. The blacks beans, when cooked, have a much more creamy consistency than regular beans, why are great to puree to accompany main dishes and stuffing croutons. They are also widely used in soups, which give it a dark color and characteristic. Here are three recipes are simple and tasty, to taste better the blacks beans.
blacks beans Mexican


300 grams of dried beans blacks
150 grams of red tomatoes
150 grams of whole bacon
1 liter chicken stock
an onion
2 cloves garlic
1 fresh hot chili
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 bay leaves
half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
salt and pepper q.b


Soak the beans blacks and leave them in cold water for at least 12 hours; the next day, rinse and drain thoroughly. Prepare a pot, in which you will pour the oil, the chopped onion and garlic, chilli (whole or in pieces, as you prefer), the bay leaf and left whole bacon. fry everything at low heat, then add the diced tomatoes and the beans blacks. Now, pour all the chicken stock into the pan, cover with a lid, but leave a small vent. cook for 45 minutes. When cooked, add salt and pepper.

blacks beans with rice


250 grams of beans blacks
400g basmati rice
1 pepper
1 onion
6 garlic clove
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon oregano
bay leaves
salt and pepper q.s.

Soak the beans blacks and leave them in cold water for at least 12 hours; the next day, rinse and drain thoroughly.

Tips to Buy Kids Clothes Online

In accordance of the developments of today, of course, the buyer did not want to miss what is becoming a trend now, none other than that buy goods online are now more prevalent – rampant. Purchase online facilitate buyers to keep it away – much to buy goods outside of the city. Quite a message on the internet then pay just wait a few days goods at home: D. And we discuss here is how does that buy kids clothes are online? We must also careful – careful in buying online, especially clothing for children . Because often there are goods not in accordance with jubah anak kecil the existing post on the internet. Moreover, the clothes, the clothes difficulty is knowing what goods are not good, do not let what goods purchased does not match what is on the internet. Of course, for the buyer, especially the mothers who wanted to buy clothes for his son did not want to be disappointed with the items in purchasing it.


Well here we will discuss how does Tips to Buy Kids Clothes Online :

  1. Dress material in use

That we were not disappointed with the goods, especially children’s clothes . See detail what materials are in use. Usually described on the internet about what materials are in use. If nothing can be in contact the vendor who sold it online.Usually material children clothing in use is spandex, rayon, cotton. Pay attention to the material is in use because the color of the fabric can be deceiving fabric used.

  1. Clothes size

Shirt size also we have to consider the tips to buy kids clothes online , we must detail what is described on the internet about the size of a shirt. Because generally any different sizes price.

  1. Price clothes

Prices also determine the quality of clothes. Typically for an expensive price above 100 thousand can be imported quality or indeed a good quality cloth material. But do not be tempted was yes, because if we are too rush – rush we will get the goods that disappointing though she gave a heavy price. Therefore we need more detail to buying clothes online. But if we want to buy kids clothes that cost we must pay closer attention as well. Useless if we buy goods even though the rates are cheap but we get the goods do not correspond to what we want. But when choosing a cheap price do not expect ya mother if we get a good quality.

That’s a few tips for online shoppers. We should be more careful in choosing and buying goods online, especially clothes and kids clothes . How easy it is to buy clothes online rather than buying directly. We just sit at home without disrupting the work and wait for items in the message up in our hands. So we must be careful ya in buying online to get goods to our desire. Happy Online Shopping.

Some Facebook Benefits For Students and Youth

Some Facebook Benefits For Students and Youth . Facebook is a social network that is very popular in Indonesia, Kompas Tekno mention that Facebook users in Indonesia are as many as 40.8 million people. This number puts Indonesia as the second largest Facebook users after the United States. The number of users in the United States alone as much as 155.98 million.


Of the 40.8 million people in the top part were students and teenagers. They are the fastest with technological developments, including facebook. Moreover, the development of the cellular world strongly support access to facebook is easy and cheap.The question is, what are the benefits that can be obtained students and youth from facebook?

Here are some benefits that can be obtained by students or high school students and young people from social networks facebook:

    • Familiarizing communication with friends and teachers . The interaction with peers and teachers during limited by time. With the facebook, the interaction time limits can. Students and teenagers can have more time to interact and communicate with their friends and teachers
    • Adding a consultation with the teacher . With the increasingly intense communication with teachers, students can spend more to have a lot of time and opportunity to be able to consult and learn the teacher. They do not have to wait for the next day or time for school to study with their teachers
    • Multiply vent . Students and youth are people who are in the process of looking for identity. Many things they want to know; many of the problems they face; and many they want to imitate and emulate. This is where they need a lot confide with their peers. Facebook makes it easier to confide
    • Expand relationships . Besides being friends with their friends in the real world, Facebook provides an opportunity to get to know many other friends.The figures, during which only they hear on television, newspapers, or other media that they could invite to friends. They can make friends with students from other schools, even from other countries. They can make friends with the author of the book, the author of the novel and the characters they enjoy doing
  • Increase knowledge . One thing that should be used by students and young people from facebook is to add information and knowledge. Benefit 1 to 4 must have to lead to the benefits that the fifth

The above are some of the benefits that can be obtained students and teenagers from facebook. Of course there are other benefits.


Pregnancy is a good time to pamper your body. Pregnancy is also a great time to eat a healthy and balanced meal.


If you are not eating a healthy menu earlier, pregnancy is a good time to start a healthy food. One delicious healthy food is avocado.

Avocado, the fruit contains many minerals, antioxidants, fiber and vitamins, offers tremendous benefits for pregnant women.

A woman should consume slightly more calories than usual when he is undergoing pregnant or during pregnancy and lactation.
You can meet the caloric needs by adding avocado to your daily menu. Fruit is free, odor can also be cope with morning sickness .

Benefits of Eating Avocados On Pregnant When
you can get the benefits of avocado green during pregnancy.

Here we will explore the benefits of the avocado fruit during pregnancy:

1. Avocado Rich Folic Acid
Baby you need folic acid for the development of their organs. Folic acid deficiency can cause deformity of bones in an unborn baby.

The intake of folic acid is enough to prevent neural defects in babies.Avocado is rich in folic acid.

Half cup of raw sliced avocado contains 59 mcg of folic acid.

Folic acid is also known to be important to prevent complications such as depression, lethargy, anemia, insomnia, mood swings and pre-eclampsia.

Thus, you can maintain good health during pregnancy with acid folate derived from avocado.

2. Calcium Containing avocado
Avocados also contain calcium.

During pregnancy, your body’s calcium needs rise exponentially. That is why it is important to consume foods rich in calcium.

Consuming avocados will satisfy your body’s calcium needs.

3. Avocado contains many vitamins
avocado is a storehouse of vitamins,

Vitamin C, E, K, B1, B2, and B6 is essential for the health of pregnant women and the growth of the baby.

Some women claim that eating avocados greatly help relieve nausea. Vitamin B6 is contained in avocados also helps to overcome morning sickness .

4. Avocado Prevent Anemia
Iron deficiency can cause anemia in pregnant women. Fortunately, eating a few slices of avocado a day can get rid of anemia.

Avocados are rich in iron, making it beneficial for pregnant women to prevent anemia.

5. Avocado Improve Digestion
you may suffer from stomach problems during pregnancy, such as constipation.

Avocados contain plenty of fiber. Our body needs fiber to digest food properly.

Therefore, you need to eat an avocado during pregnancy to increase your bowel movements.

6. Avocado is a source “Good Fat” Perfect
you need to maintain your weight during pregnancy. However, you should do it in a healthy way. Junk food will fill your body with the “bad fats” that is difficult to burn.

Avocado, on the other hand, is full of calories and monounsaturated fats, which are the “good fats”.

3.5 ounce of avocado contains about 177 calories. Saturated fats help in developing the structure of cells, such as membranes of your baby. When your baby begins to grow, the millions of new cells are created which consists of a membrane made of fat.

7. Avocado Helps Nutrition
Avocados not only provide many nutrients, but it also helps you absorb nutrients from other sources.

In fact, research shows that eating avocados can help improve the absorption of carotenoids by the body.

8. Mineral Rich avocado
Avocados also contain phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and niacin are very helpful for you during pregnancy.

9. Avocado Helps Brain Development Babies
cup of avocado contains 22 mg of choline that help brain development and neural development that is healthy for your baby.

10. Avocado Relieve Leg Cramps In
pregnant women in general suffer from cramps in the legs. If you experience it, Avocados can help you cope.

Avocados contain potassium, which helps to overcome cramps.

11. Avocado Balancing Level Cholesterol And Blood Sugar
With consumption of avocados regularly, meaning you keep blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels are balanced at the limit.

However, is there any negative side of an avocado?

Risk of Eating Avocados During Pregnancy
Is avocado fruit beneficial for pregnant women?

Yes, avocados are relatively safe to take during pregnancy.

However, if you are allergic to avocado, avoid eating avocado. Also make sure you wash all fruits before you eat to reduce the possibility of contamination of foreign substances.

If you love to read a good book about the health care of pregnant women and fetuses, see our review of the book The Complete Guide To Pregnancy .

We wish you and your baby healthy always !

How to heat a garage?

Fireplace mantel ideas ,As any car owner will need to spend enough time in the garage, need to think about their achievements during the season car is very dangerous, and maintain a certain temperature to prevent damage to the “iron horse” .heated in the winter the question from an individual, and depends on the opportunities.

How to heat a garage?


It is one of the most common solution to the question which is better to heat the garage? Electric appliances depending on their type have different power consumption and price.

Many motorists make these devices with their hands ., the proverbial “kid.” This high-power devices artificial .availability and low cost, and minus – the risk of a short circuit.

can solve the problem of how to warm garage, buy electric heaters directed .more reliable and less energy-intensive.

can buy a heater vent .directing the flow of warm air in sekel

iling room, or in a specific area – the floor or wall.

These heaters for low power, can not heat the whole room, so it can be used together with other heating devices.

It should not be forgotten that because of the large amount of heating can occur over-voltage in the network, and circuit wiring is bad and causes fatigue.

gas heater

How to heat the garage with a gas heater? Before we answer this question, we need to find out what type of heater you want menginstal.gas consisting of two types: catalytic and inframerah.

  • Infrared is a gas stove with keramik.Gas part in the combustion process heats the ceramic, and heat hot .extends from floor to ceiling this .have sufficient power to heat the entire room, which makes it more preferable than .Minus – products combustion gases remain in .avoid this, you need to ventilate the room constantly.
  • catalytic gas heaters – is the design .burner and ceramic parts, gas heats the room, the air leaving the decomposition products, and neutralize them in part.

oven – stove

This heating is the most economical and .solid fuel stoves -. Coal, wood, etc. Before the winter to heat the garage oven, check the fire safety regulations, this karenaHal occur in the process furnace.

Be careful with the operation of the furnace, and always turn it off before leaving the garage to avoid the fire.

safety regulations

  • Otaplivaya garage-bourgeois oven, make sure there is good ventilation and no flammable items near the stove.
  • using electrical appliances, remembering .power fuse to turn off the power, in the case of overload, surges or circuit .make sure there are no flammable items near the outlet stationary or portable.
  • the heating device is prohibited to heat food, dry clothes and shoes.
  • While gas heating equipment, make sure that the gas cylinders are stored under conditions that .Garasi necessary for this must be above ground level – for the gas to settle at the lowest point of .you turn on the lights in the garage, it is necessary to check the tank for gas leaks, this sign – a characteristic odor in the room.

warming her hands

For heating is the most effective, it must take care of the pre-isolation of garasi.Untuk do this, the inner walls of cinder block or spread foam concrete block and wood-veneer chipboard.Dan iron gate garage is protecting better foam.

Natural Ways to Have Hair Soft and Shiny

Natural Ways to Have Hair Soft and Shiny With Costs Not Expensive Have hair soft and shiny does not necessarily using a lot of expenses. Enough with little effort. This time I will share tips to restore your hair soft and shiny by using only natural ingredients and a relatively low cost. So for those of you who lack enough to have a lot of money on hair care in SALON famous, do not worry. Bring your Shiny hair by following a variety of ways below. Patient flow summit
Soft And Shiny Hair
10 Natural Ways to Have Hair Soft and Shiny

The following explanation About 10 Ways to Make Hair Back Soft and Shiny;

Method 1 From 10 Care Using Coconut Oil
  •  How to do that is to be purified coconut oil in this case without any mixture, otherwise it will not soak into your hair properly. For people with oily scalp, do not rub or use too much into your scalp or too close to your hairline. The scalp is pretty much has natural oils, so it does not need too much to the scalp .just apply coconut oil on the hair.
  • The dose of coconut oil that will be used on your hair depends on the thickness and texture of your hair. Oily hair and scalp need less; Dry hair will need more.
  • Clean your hands with warm water, then wrap your hair in a shower cap or towel for a better process.
  •  Inimal let sit for thirty minutes.
  • Rinse your hair, then shampoo as usual. Then rinse the hair with cold water. Let your hair air dry or dry with a towel.
Method 2 of 10  Treatment Using Eggs
  • Eggs are one of the natural ingredients that are believed able to cope with hair loss, dandruff and other hair problems
  • so it only makes sense that the egg would also be an effective way to restore moisture and luster to your hair.
  • use up to 2-4 eggs (depending on your hair length) into a bowl. Separate the yolk from the white,
  • Use olive oil is approximately 2-3 seeds in a bowl, then mix with egg yolk and make sure mixed with average.
  • Shampoo your hair in warm water and then place the mixture on your hair. Leave for 5-6 minutes, then rinse again with water lukewarm. Finally, rinse with cold water
Method 3 of 10 Treatments Using Yogurt
including milk yogurt made with juice and soy milk results
  • Use Yogurt way is as a hair conditioner. Comb your hair well up flat on your hair and make sure not too much
  • Take Yogurt then apply to all of your hair. Next, tie them in a ponytail or hair bun.
  • Leave it in 20-30 minutes or until yogurt has hardened. The next Rinse your hair using a shampoo that is good for your hair
Method 4 of 10  Treatment with Aloe Vera and Honey
  • Mix aloe vera gel and honey. Aloe Vera is used to regrow a very good agent, and honey should be added shine. For those of you who have
  • black hair should be careful when using honey as it can also brighten the color of your hair.
  • Be sure to get the Aloe which do not contain hazardous substances such as alcohol.
  • Massage through dry hair. Wait hair for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse with shampoo and conditioner.
Method 5 of 10 Treatment with Vinegar
  • Shampoo your hair with regular shampoo. Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove residual shampoo that accumulate in the hair.
  • Take two cups of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water and rinse your hair carefully with a mixture of water. let stand for fifteen minutes
  • Rinse with warm running water until the smell of vinegar disappears. Comb hair carefully.Rest assured in this way you will have a beautiful and healthy hair back.
  • every week or less if desired. The acidity of apple cider vinegar will make your hair look natural again, so it is a conditioner and a good cleaning agent. It is also an effective germ killer hair.
Method 6 of 10  Hair Care With Numerous oil and shea butter
  • Pour 1/2 cup into a bowl add olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Almond Oil, and Chamomile Oil.
  • In another bowl, add 1 cup of shea butter and 2 tablespoons of avocado, jojoba and Wheat germ Oil with Honey tps.
  • Combine the two mixtures together Bowl.
  • Apply on your hair and pin it for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Rinse with Herbal Rinse and let it dry by itself.
Method 7 of 10  Deep Care Vegetable Oil and Conditioner 
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse as usual. Dry your hair so as not to drip.
  • Mix two tablespoons of vegetable oil with conditioner .. you can also use canola oil. Do not use too much oil or your hair becomes oily (Use Moderation).
  • Apply your hair with the mixture from root to tip. It is better to part the hair so that all the hair is applied evenly. Once you have covered your hair in the mixture, massage your scalp with a conditioner into your hair.
  • Use a hair cover or a shower cap (or plastic bag). Leave the lid for about 30 minutes. If you want,
  • Rinse your hair. Rinse until you no longer see the “milk” of water. Your hair should not feel clean at all that some of the oil will stay in your hair.
Method 8 of 10  Do Care Hibiscus Leaf Extract (Leaf Hibiscus)
  • 8-10 Prepare the leaves of the plant hibiscus. Soak the leaves in the water for 10 minutes.
  • Extract from the leaves of this gel. Do this by putting it to the plate.
  • Apply gel on dry hair. Leave on for 30-60 minutes.
  • Clean the gel using shampoo.
  • Do this once a week to continue shiny hair soft.
Method 9 of 10 Avoid Damaging Practices
  • Do not use products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. This is especially important if you have curly hair. close on shampoos and conditioners label before buying and using it.
  • Although sodium lauryl sulfate derived from coconut and palm oil, has been associated with skin irritation and hair loss. It is also used as an industrial-grade cleaning.
  • On the other hand, a mild cleanser is not possible to get rid of silicone or wax. So make sure that you do not get silicone or wax into your luscious locks!
  • Try to find a shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients and organic. Natural materials will restore the natural oils in your hair.
  • Do not wash all your conditioner. If someone ever says “wash until it squeaks,” the wrong people. When you wash it out, wash it still feels like there is a little bit there and then (without touching) poured cold water over your head with a shower head. Do not rinse again or run your fingers through it. Just pour.
  • Avoid non-organic chemicals as much as possible. Dyes and relaxers can be very bad for your hair. If you feel like you have to do, make sure not to leave the chemicals in your hair too long. Apply sparingly to prevent hair damage. Read the product manual to see how often you should wait between treatments.
  • Keratin treatments, or blowouts Brazilian hair, can be very damaging to your hair. They contain high levels of formaldehyde [1] and can make your hair fall out. [2]
  • Avoid too much use with straighteners (Vise). You may love your hair straightened, but the hair you do not love your flat iron. Straightening or vise can overheat and damage your hair, leaving it dry and brittle hair.