The Other Tax Tremonti Part By 200 Billion Of Subsidized. The Parable Of The Accountant

The Other Tax Tremonti Part By 200 Billion Of Subsidized. The Parable Of The Accountant

We are among the few countries in Europe that are planning a tax reform, a word of economy minister Giulio Tremonti and the will of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. laudable initiative, just and worthy to reform the Italian tax system. Tremonti has been working on this project, four committees were established and by the end of April will have to deliver to the Minister the results of their investigations, then follow a long parliamentary process and not to actually build the thing. The reform, however, will not lead to a reduction in the tax burden, but only at streamlining it is on paper written in government papers. Although a general, distraction distracts from the reality ground, indeed by the official nature of the government numbers, tuto is pretty darn clear.

zero deficit by 2014 means 35 billion euro less public spending or higher taxes, the bill did the Bank of Italy. So, the more taxes you can not, but even less tax. And then it remains only a tax otherwise it will not be easy, not easy. Because there is no category or territory does not ask itself a tax advantages. But then it turns out that the tax advantages have it almost all for decades. And that unlike tax will mean giving to some and remove others.

Knight reiterates the intention of his government to open a period of major reforms, from justice to that institution, not to mention the tax which, in Berlusconi’s intentions, should simplify the current sistema.Ma if everyone knows it, no one admits it, especially during the rallies the reform must one to make, but will not mean lower taxes.

All things financed through taxes, to which the foreigner who has a second home ” does not contribute ”, having the tax residence elsewhere The total income for the state coffers, always estimate the ministry, it would still be quite small about 176 million euro in 2012, compared with a loss of income for the ISF reduction of more than 1.8 billion euro. The property tax reform on higher incomes, approved today by the board of the French ministers, foresees a rise in the threshold of application, from 800 thousand euro of tax to 1.3 million, and the reduction of rates of taxation, the 0, 25% for income taxed in the first end (1.3000000 to 3,000,000 euro), and 0.5% for those in the second (over 3 million).

Balmain For H & M,This Is The Event

Balmain For H & M,This Is The Event
The annual event to launch the latest collaboration for H & M with a brand is now a tradition.

The Swedish giant after eleven years of collaborations with renowned designers, this year has chosen Olivier Rousteing for Balmain. (First designer to collaborate with the brand was Karl Lagerfeld in 2004).

If someone last night failed to make the hours picole and to ‘1.30 was sintoniozzato of Periscope (on the site H & M instructions for downloading the app) it could tuffarre live streaming in New York at the old bank JPMorgan Chase on Wall Street where he marched over 100 pieces for men and women who will go on sale from November 5 in selected H & M stores and online.

We already got to see a preview of some clothes that Olivier Rousteing did wear her friends Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Duun on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards last May two models have been confirmed for the photo campaign flanked by Gigi Hadid and Hao Yun Xiang with shots of Mario Sorrenti. L ‘intent was to transform H & M in the dream of luxury Balmain, said Donald Schneider, H & M’s creative advisor. While the visionary CEO of Balmain, Emmanuel Diemoz, hopes that with the speed with which it is enriched to the present day, a customer H & M can become a future customer Balmain.

For Rousteing, it was crucial that the production of the clothes were not simply copies of its flagships. He wanted to show the different sides of Balmain, not only embellished dresses, but also the tailoring, the oversized silhouettes, draping and feminine Parisian. But there is no doubt that the collection has a lot to redo work for Balmain Olivier; tightly woven clothing, dresses with sequins and stones set emerald beaded mini-dresses, draped pants, and jackets with big shoulders, draped skirts and boots to mid-thigh, opulence and excesses in style late ‘ 80. I give my preference to clothes designed for men, simpler and therefore more easily wearable, very nice a green military coat, a jacket sailor blue, and a tuxedo jacket with inserts military.

The strength of this partnership for Rousteing lies in the diversity of #HMBalmaination, referring to ‘hashtag created for the launch that has already been tagged in over 15,000 posts, the models are all very different, confirming the fact that Balmain x H & M is absolutely for all.

Food Stocks Model For New Kitchen

Food Stocks Model For New Kitchen
When your closets are so full of food to place them on different levels, it is likely that turning a box of cookies you will find that expired last month, or a bag of chips opened a few weeks ago is no longer edible. Often they buy too much food than what then really you eat. And this is and a waste of money and food. So make sure you check your pantry at least once a month, making sure the expiration dates of products. And try to avoid unnecessarily fill the cart the next time you go to the grocery store.

old shoes

Again, these are things that often go round and round for years in your houses the old shoes. You, but someday I might need it. This is the common excuse we tell ourselves to keep old shoes in the closets forever. Do not do it! If you spend a couple of months and you’ve never worn, and if the dust has covered, it really is time to throw them away. And then you think that it will only free space to be filled with fresh new pairs of shopping!


the magazines are also objects which too often preserve too long. Stacked in a corner of the house they build up becoming real columns, of which we do not care in the least. Again, we often think that we will one day come in handy. But is not so. The magazines only occupy much space in bookshops or on the floor. Take a careful selection and contribute to the separate collection of paper!

In the kitchen

Also in the kitchen we are often unnecessarily accumulate many items that we do not use. When you buy a new set of glasses, nine times out of 10 old we leave the old closet. When for a birthday receive a new pot, the old remains at the bottom of a drawer. And the list could be very long … A solution that we recommend is to empty completely at least twice a year all the cupboards of your kitchen and throw all that occupies space unnecessarily. Arranged carefully you really have left and you will see that your life in the kitchen will be more practical and functional.

Old clothes and sheets

Go into the bathroom and open the linen closet. And be honest how many are there complete, well-folded for months but do not use Or why are gray, or because discolored, stained or why, or why I have gave them and there never liked … hand them out! And the same goes for the closet where he kept the sheets. Check the number of towels and sheets that actually used routinely and discard the rest. You will recover a lot of space. And if you decide to put them in the containers, also do a good deed!

Overview graphically superior CSR Racing 2

csr racing 2

From the people that have worked on projects such as Forza, Need For Speed, DiRT and of Burnout, always waiting for something scale worthy. It’s time to show such a product, Kojima became CSR Racing 2 . Exactly one year ago in the Internet a trailer for the game , then we wrote about the fact that the game is to break all the limits of mobile graphics excellence, and they were right.

I have to say in our case, we used the HTC One M8 on Snapdragon 801 processor, which is not the best way to cope picture. Yes, everything is running smoothly, but the graphics look, to put it mildly, are not as attractive as the official screenshots, one of which is shown below:

In this regard, the developers are somewhat similar to the company Ubisoft. It should also be noted that we, for example, could not find any settings in the game – they simply do not have. You can not turn the sound off, you can not configure the schedule, although, of course, apologize in advance, if you were not too careful.

Drawing again, taking into account not the highest performing device looks quite well, and there is no doubt on top devices like the Galaxy S7 game will look amazing. As for the gameplay, it is standard there is a map, where you can enter into a contest with bots or online players. The process of the game is not very interesting just need time to shift gears. For example, we do not see much point in it, although, of course, everyone is different.

CSR 2 at this time can be said that the best racing game for android and iPhone users. Although the release is still relatively new (2016), but this game has reached up to 700 thousand downloads in the Play store. CSR 2 to play cash and coins you need more in order to upgrade parts more quickly, buying a car with more speed and more. You can try the following tutorial to get unlimited coins and cash As a kind of demonstration of the graphics capability of mobile games CSR 2 is quite a good option, but it is quite difficult to consider as a full game.

New Mitsubishi L200 was named one of the best pickups in the segment


British newspaper The experts CarBuyer tested the pickup Mitsubishi L200 fifth generation , has recently made its debut on the market. The L200 Britain as well as in Russia, is offered with two versions of the 2.4-liter diesel 4N15, developing 151 and 178 hp, respectively. Version is available only for the basic set 4Life, it will cost British customers a minimum of £ 19 749.00 (2,020,402 rubles at the CBR exchange rate as of 06.09.2015) for commercial customers and £ 23 698.80 (2,424,482 rubles) for regular customers, its equipment includes air conditioning, all wheel drive, 7 airbags, trailer stabilization system, as well as all wheel drive Easy Select. The rest of the equipment offered with the 178-horsepower engine and all-wheel drive transmission Super Select.

The British praised the new engine of the economy and low emission of CO 2 and appreciated the dynamics of a pickup truck – up to 100 km / h L200 with 178-horsepower engine accelerates in 10.4 seconds. However, without a spoon of tar has not done, the experts did not like the noise in the cabin. Not pleased with the reviewers and the propensity L200 bounce on bumpy road, especially when driving without a load. However, it is quite forgivable flaw, considering that Mitsubishi L200 – is a pickup that can carry about a ton of luggage and tow a trailer weighing more than 3 tons. In addition, on a smooth asphalt driving quality “Elqui” earned only warm words. Experts also impressed by “reasonably responsive” L200 wheel and a relatively small turning radius.

The testers praised the interior of the L200, but not primenul noted that it is only good by the standards of pickups and crossover to the family still does not hold. According to experts, among the competitors only VW Amarok superior interior finish “Elqui” and that with a caveat: German pickup lacks the strength of spirit that reigns in the cabin L200. A special praise worthy front seats with thicker bolsters lateral support. On the rear seats can comfortably accommodate three adults, but on condition that they do not differ too tall. By and large, complaints caused only a small number of storage compartments in the cabin – a strange decision for a car, implying commercial use. According CarBuyer, new Mitsubishi L200 deserves the title, if not better, then at least a very good pick-up worthy of the first lines of the list of candidates for the title of your new machine. Attached please find the video version of the review, enjoy!

Wedding In Lemon Yellow,For A Fresh And Summery Ceremony

Wedding In Lemon Yellow,For A Fresh And Summery Ceremony
Wedding in lemon yellow Here are many ideas for a fresh and summery ceremony! The lemon is a sunny color, lively and fresh perfect for anyone who is getting married in the summer, the nuance is vibrant lemon yellow, bright and above all summer. Then discover how to organize your summer wedding in lemon yellow!

If you love the cheerful and sunny colors, lemon yellow will be perfect for your summer wedding.
To organize the wedding in lemon yellow will be enough decorations and decorations all declined in this particular shade of yellow. For the original decorations you can also use lemons, perfect for decorating the tables of the reception, but also to achieve the original centerpiece or placeholder. Also with regard to the floral decorations for a wedding in yellow, you can bet on some beautiful yellow colored flowers and maybe add lemons even in floral arrangements receipt. In addition, the bridal bouquet can be done completely with yellow flowers or with white and yellow flowers!

The lemon is perfect in the wedding ceremony decorations, but also in the details of the bride and groom outfits. Bridesmaids or guests prune choose formal dress lemon yellow color and be combined with gold accessories Of course, the menu of the wedding will be themed you can serve to your guests of fresh lemonade, but also sorbets or ice cream with lemon. Round off lunch with a delicious wedding cake with lemon!

However, lemon yellow can also be the gadget of the wedding, and to stay on topic, you could give guests the original wedding favors, such as the lemon marmalade and limoncello. Finally, in lemon yellow will also be investments, the confetti and boxes holder!

Browse the entire photo gallery to find out how to organize a wedding in lemon yellow!

For receptions involving standing buffet, never forget to choose dishes easy to cut with one fork or small enough to be eaten whole; better then, they are not too many layers and do not contain dangerous sauces and too liquid, ready to stain clothing of your guests. If you have vegetarian friends, a barbecue and party sushi are definitely to be discarded, since the alternatives veg and vegetarian would end up distorting the meaning of the feast itself.The picnic marriage may end with an alternative cake mini cake individual, to serve every guest.

School Backpacks, The Most Suitable Models To Avoid Back Problems

School Backpacks, The Most Suitable Models To Avoid Back Problems
We find out the backpacks for school, the most suitable models to avoid back problems and protect our children from pain and discomfort. Here are the characteristics that must have a backpack for school!

The backpacks that students have to carry on his shoulders every day are getting heavier and the consequences of these weights often taking their toll on the physical. Surely the causes of scoliosis and back problems that appear from a very young age are not to be shared among backpacks for school, but it is also true that a careful and intelligent choice can surely benefit the health of our children, thus avoiding increasing situations existing tensions and muscle pain.

A study conducted by the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, in fact, shows that among children of fifth grade 5 of 10 suffer from low back pain, just in the phase in which the muscular-skeletal development of the back is more delicate. How to be a backpack for school to avoid back problems Experts say that the most appropriate model should be light when empty and must have large wide, soft straps, evenly set for a homogeneous and optimal load distribution over both shoulders.

In addition, it should have a rigid but padded backrest to prevent the books from pressing on the column, preferably provided with a belt at the waist with front coupling to be fixed to the even, so as to keep the load centered and adhere to the spine in the backpack so that it does not move while walking.

The ideal backpack should not weigh more than 20% compared to the weight of the child and must never be carried on one shoulder to avoid an overload of the back. Even the arrangement of the weight inside the backpack is important and should be done in a balanced way, starting with the most heavy books on the bottom of the backrest and continuing gradually with lighter ones. Moreover, the content should be well compacted inside, so as to prevent it from moving.

The backpacks that you find on the market have most of these characteristics and range from backpacks for Seven school, like the backpack Advanced Hip Hop School ergonomic Seven and pc, the Invicta backpacks, like Flip Pack Invicta backpack with shoulder straps and back padded to ensure maximum comfort. Even the backpacks Giochi Preziosi respect these features and more are usually characterized by an aesthetic very attractive with cartoon characters, movies and TV series.

Top 5 Of The Week – Scale Fantastic And Unmissable Before And After

Top 5 Of The Week – Scale Fantastic And Unmissable Before And After


Another week, another ranking of the most read articles of the last seven days. This week you have preferred Before & After projects but also solutions to make the most of the stairs and the basement space. Surprisingly, however, at the end there is also a collection of truly spectacular bathrooms. If you have lost a few articles and you are curious to discover the best of the best of homify, read on!

18 modern stairs that will make you get goose skin

Two-story house Fine, but now that scale choose to communicate between levels Forms are many, the material well, we just have to figure out which type will be more in keeping with the room or the dining room. The interior stairs are now the real forms of furniture from countless configurations a modular type can exploit large areas of the house or you can use a spiral or helical staircase for smaller rooms. Discover this interesting collection with the full article.wellness areas covered in wood and cellar wine tasting.

The space under the stairs 8 great designs

The space under the stairs often remains unused area for the lack of good planning in the architectural design or configuration of the decoration. But it is a space that can be used in many ways, to create the beautiful and practical environments that enhance and proumuovere the activities of the house.

A difficult attic becomes a little gem

This is the project of renovation and furnishing of a loft, a space, then, that by its very conformation presents numerous challenges and difficulties. Most of the pieces were custom made, inevitably. However, in addition to being a choice dictated by necessity, it has been a way to enrich the apartment with intelligent and decidedly valid solutions also from an aesthetic point of view, as well as functional.

The perfect combination

Pop colors and warm wood grain interior for a manual test. The perfect combination of modern and rustic is also achieved by the following design in which the kitchen of the latest generation and the creative concept, conforms without losing its strong identity, with more country-chic elements, first of all, the fireplace. Chandelier and paintings complete the work halfway between a cozy and eclectic home environment, ideal for those who do not want to get bored within the four walls of their home.

Price list Royal Enfield Motorcycle in Indonesia


In Indonesia, there’s not much know brand motorcycles Royal Enfield. But in contrast to, for example, Yamaha and Honda. Even in corners though it seemed nobody do not know the brand of motor Japan.

But, as the proverb says, other fields other locusts, fate of Royal Enfield is different in other countries. For example in India. There, Royal Enfield was the brand with the most rapid development of motor, and was able to beat the Yamaha.

United Kingdom motorcycle manufacturer that’s managed to sell 498,791 unit a motorcycle in a financial year 2015-2016. This number rose 53 percent compared to the previous period. This makes the Royal Enfield was in 5th position.

Thus, Royal Enfield is now just under the Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto, Honda Motorcycle, and TVS Motor. While Yamaha should be willing to go down in six position with total sales as much as 332 thousand.

Then, what exactly is the cause of this phenomenon? According to Rajeev Singh, Partner and Head, Automotive Sector, KPMG, this is because their strategies that focus on niche market (products or services which have the specific segment, but profitable).

Their strategy to focus on niche segments, and do not become mass producers manufacturers really paid off in full. Royal Enfield is not only able to make their products acceptable to the market, but the market itself. They have created a cult for cycling in India.

As additional information, as far as this Royal Enfield already sells four models in India. The fourth is the Himalayan Electra, Classic, Thunderbird, and Standard.

For the Indonesian market alone, Royal Enfield also released the list of official prices of motorcycle models sold. Brands United Kingdom origin which has now taken over India that concentration on the market – 250cc 750cc, however models that dilego in Indonesia range from 350cc to 535cc

The cheapest model, namely Bullet 350cc. Motor production which is claimed to have been the world’s oldest printed bulk since 1932. This bike is not a retro-style, because since the beginning is indeed the design already as it is. Bullet 500cc engine version is also available.

In the middle-class Royal Enfield Indonesia offers Classic, most variants with a choice of 500cc and 350cc engine. This Model is reminiscent of the back on the mounts used in times of war.

On it there is a model that was launched in conjunction with the inauguration of the new Royal Enfield dealer in Jakarta, the Rumbler 500. Class cruiser is intended make biker wandering are hooked, the design fits the contours of the road out of town make Indonesia.

The most expensive model i.e. Continental GT 535cc. The owner of this bike would be lulled nostalgia racing café racer of the 1960s era.

We see a huge potential for motor-the motor of our medium size (250-750 cc) and versatility that will allow its customers to obtain the optimal choice to upgrade motor-motornya.

The following price list off the road of Royal Enfield in Indonesia from site Bullet 500cc Rp 68 million, Bullet 350cc 54 million rupiah, Bullet Electra 350cc 59 million rupiah, Classic 500cc 75 million, Classic 350cc 61 million, Classic Battle Green 76 million, Classic Desert Storm 76 million, Classic Crome 81 million rupiah, The rumbler 500 82 million, Continental GT 535cc 144 million rupiah.

Benefits Of Fruit Melon For Diet and Preventive Cancer


Melon fruit often becomes a favorite fruit. The taste is sweet and soft fruits to make meat melons popping a lot of circles. However please note turns nutrient content in melon can help the health of the body.

There are various benefits that featured fruit melon, ranging from diet to support preventive cancer and heart attacks. For Furthermore, let’s check out the following reviews:

Lose weight – Melon has a low sodium content, fat-free, cholesterol free and low in calories. In addition the effects eat melons will keep you satiated and delaying/reducing hunger because the water content is very high. Thus the fruit is suitable for those in the diet program.

The health of collagen in the skin – fruit melon is a protein compound that affects the integrity of the cell structure in all the tissues of the skin. Collagen also has a function to speed up the healing of wounds and keep tightening the skin. Often eat melons will make the skin look soft and not dry.

Maintain eye health – Melon is rich with content of useful substances betakaroten to improve sharpness of vision and eye health. Beta-carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A and use fix improved the function of the eyes.

Ward off free radicals – Melon antioxidant flavonoids such as rich in beta-carotene, lutein and zea xanthin,-cryptoxanthin. These antioxidants have the ability to help protect cells and other structures in the body from free radicals. This capability can help in terms of protection against colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic cancer. But not only for dangerous diseases benefit these antioxidants are also good for other body parts.

Prevent strokes – in 100 grams of fruit melon contains 267 mg potassium electrolytes. Potassium is an important component of cells and body fluids to help control the heart rate and blood pressure. This will really help to prevent the occurrence of stroke and heart disease.

Preventing a heart attack – in addition to effectively preventing some of the most dangerous diseases, the content of adenosine in melon fruit is also able to prevent clotting and stop the circulation of the blood cells that can result in a heart attack and even stroke. How it works is by way of a launch circulation of red blood cells that can reduce heartattacks and strokes.

Prevent cancer – Melon contains carotenoids, i.e. pigments which serves as the giver of the color in fruits and vegetables. The high content of carotenoids in this fruit can prevent attacks cancer, especially lung cancer symptoms and symptoms of breast cancer.

Melon also can relieve heartburn and stomach pain ulcer sufferer in people. Don’t be afraid to consume this fruit melon, because it gives no side effects against the stomach.