The discovery of the pleasures of the kitchen

Did you know that the percentage of Canadians living alone increases by about 1% every year? Canadians seem to enjoy the freedom and independence that gives them life solo. But who said living alone, said eating alone. Cook and eat as a Bachelor can sound like a negative thing for many people, this solo special report will convince them otherwise! Discover the benefits of the kitchen solo, meal ideas and recipes for a person.
The benefits of the kitchen solo

Cook alone provides full freedom and so many benefits. To take advantage and eat for pleasure. A meal solo is also important as a meal with family or friends; treat yourself!
The freedom to try

Cooking for one is also experiment. Embark on the preparation of exotic recipes or long coveted challenges (for example, 21 days without meat). In addition, you can improve your recipes when cooking your meals alone and so impress your friends when you SUP group!
A plate that we like

The biggest advantage of eating solo, it’s that we can afford what we want at any time. No need to stop you to cook your favorite foods because your partner loves not. You can put what you like in your plate, at all times, without compromise!
Zero pressure

Your dish is not up to your expectations? It’s not bad, no don’t will receive you on the nose. When you cook for yourself, you don’t have the pressure to perform as when you’re cooking for other people.

Cooking is a good way to relax and release stress accumulated at work. Choose a recipe you like, put on some music and have fun in the kitchen!
Our meal for a person ideas

Two choices available to you for meals: Cook big portions and store the leftovers for later or prepare only a portion to taste the same day.

The cookbooks and culinary blogs are full of tempting dishes, but these are, most of the time, designed to give at least four portions. It is of course possible to divide revenues for only as a single serving, but it can be a long and difficult if you don’t know too how to adjust quantities. Here are a few ideas of easy, quick and delicious meals that give only a portion and several recipes for a person!
Pancakes, for one person

The pancakes are a must-see weekend mornings, but the recipes found in cookbooks are made to give several portions. If we don’t have a rest of pancake batter in the fridge or eat pancakes for weeks, what is the solution? Our recipe for pancake for one person!

Appropriate and more nutritious treats

Broccoli cream

The end of the week, there’s always want to indulge a little! A chocolate bar, a bowl of chips, a handful of candy, one or two soft drinks; It is important to have fun from time to time. On the other hand, we know that do not abuse these goodies, since they are not very health.

Already mentioned, eating in a healthy way does not necessarily mean to deprive. It is rather good habits and focus on healthy foods. So if you can replace the favorite treat of your child by a nutritious choice whom he will love equally, jump at the chance!

Here are alternatives to “junk food” favorite of children (and adults!) to eat without guilt. Check out our favorite recipes!

One can easily find interesting alternatives to the chips in the grocery store: nuts, crackers, vegetables chips, etc. On the other hand, home options are, in some cases, more nutritious (grilled Edamame and peas), but above all, they are all less fat and salt! Here are our recipes favorite to replace the bowl of chips of late night, where you will find the side crisp and salty of chips:

Chips de kale Chips de pita

Chips maison Chips de pomme

Grilled chickpeas Edamame with sesame

Pois rôtis épicés Edamame épicé

There are sweets made from real fruit juice market. Prefer them to others that are sugar-based. The dried fruit can also be a good alternative to candy; strawberries, Kiwi and the apricot are especially delicious!

You can also prepare sweets House that children will find fun and delicious! In fact, get them involved in their manufacture, they will love them even more. Here are four easy-to-prepare recipes:

Jujubes House fruit rolls

Yogurt chips Marshmallow House
Soft drinks

If what your kids like in soft drinks is their sweet taste, replace them with fruit juice. If what they like is the sparkling side, choose varieties of sparkling water to the fruits available in groceries, or even make your own drinks from carbonated water. It’s easy, you need to do is add your sparkling water with fruit of your choice, a little bit of honey for a sweet touch and food to add color to your drinks coloring. And it’s pretty, delicious and refreshing!

Refreshing drink in Nice pots
The popcorn

There is popcorn reduced salt and fat on the shelves of grocery stores, which is a good alternative to the regular popcorn. The best of the choices remains however to purchase grains of corn not exploded and season ourselves. Here are some ideas to decorate your popcorn, and at the same time, evenings cinema:

Chou-fleur popcorn Popcorn BBQ

Chickpeas Popcorn caramel popcorn

Parmesan popcorn

Difficult to satisfy a rage of chocolate, isn’t it? If your kids or even you fancy, choose dark chocolate (from two to three tiles). On the other hand, some children hate his taste! Here are some recipes for chocolate desserts which version has been updated for the small sweet tooth:

Black Chocolate Mousse mini-cupcakes in beets

Small Brownies cupcakes chocolate pea

The presentation also plays an important role when it comes to introduce foods to children. do not neglect it. Children eat with the eyes, so try to make it attractive, colorful and original!

Watermelon on stick

You’re now equipped to brave the cravings of your small eaters! What are the essential in the kids lunch box?

Arctic Gardens banana bread

Muffins, breads and Granola bars

This is classic that all kids love. On the other hand, it must choose to not offer a snack to dessert-like. Prefer muffins with fruit rather than the chocolate or caramel. Choose bread whole wheat and Granola bars to granola. These snacks more nutritious, more children will get their essential nutrients and will hold until the next meal.

Arctic Gardens, are pro in the art of integrating vegetables into pastries. Discover our bread recipes with bananas and vegetables, cake muffins, corn molasses and broccoli and pancakes with honey and vegetables. Your little ones will ask for more in!

Also, get inspired by these bars recipes tender House quick and easy:

Gluten-free Granola bars granola bars

Granola bar no bake apricot-pistachio bars soft granola with fruit

Granola bars, fruit, seeds and nuts
The hummus

Arctic Gardens broccoli hummus

The hummus is a healthy protein snack. Made from chickpeas, this dip is very nourishing because it contains 8 g of protein per 100 g. You can find different combinations of hummus on the market: to beet, olives, peppers, pine nuts and more! You can also make it at home. Here are some hummus recipes perfect for snacks:

Hummus in hummus broccoli with almonds

Hummus with onions caramelized beet hummus

Hummus of zucchini Hummus choco-hazelnut (to serve with fruit)

Put a small pot of hummus with some small pitas, crackers or vegetables in the box lunch to kids for the afternoon snack. This will help keep you going until dinner!

Cheese cubes

Cheese is a good source of calcium, which helps the development of the child. Several choices are available to you and your children since the cheese is found in various formats on the shelves: string in twists, in blocks, grain, etc. Watch the rate of fat and sodium to provide the best possible product for your children. Combined with a fruit, the cheeses make perfect snacks for morning! You can also make a delicious dip cream cheese-based to dive the fruit!

Pots of yogurt with fruit

Yogurt is a snack that is perfect for children, because it contains calcium, vitamins and, in some cases – such as Greek yogurt – the protein and fibre. There is an almost infinite variety of yogurts on the market: to drink, in a tube, in pockets, potted… not to mention the different flavors! Impossible not to find something for the kids with so much choice. As well, all these formats take almost no space in the lunch box.

Give your children the week alternating these foods so that they benefit all the nutrients they need. Use our schedule to plan the lunch box for school and avoid the daily puzzle!

A nutritious and varied lunch box


It is already not easy to prepare children for school snacks, but also think about the snacks they eat during the day! As inspiration is not always present, we have prepared a list of perfect foods to drag in the lunch box of the children for school health snacks!
Vegetables and fruits

Plate of assorted vegetables

Vegetables and fruit are quick healthy snacks, because they require little or no preparation. They are full of fiber and vitamins that help in the development of children. Besides, toddlers should eat at least four servings per day, and snacks are opportunities ideal consumption!

In addition, when you cook the dinner or supper, children often peckish. Opt for a dish of raw veggies you can leave at their disposal so they can nibble a little, without spoiling their meal so far! It works every time, for children as for adults.

Compotes of fruits, which kids love, are a different way to eat. Of course, there are a lot of varieties on the market, but if you decide to do them yourself, here’s something when you do your grocery list, think about snacks. A good part of the store is dedicated, and this is normal, since a child eat two snacks per day, every day. Spend time with your children to predict the snack of the week; that way, you’ll be some of offer them foods that they enjoy and that you trust.

A week of healthy snacks


It is known, the children are always hungry. For them, three meals a day are not enough to satisfy their appetite! It is normal because they are still developing. So, they need nutrients that satisfied them between meals, will make them grow, but also, they will have the pleasure to taste. The challenge for parents is to provide healthy school and at home snacks that will satisfy the palate and belly of hungry kids!

The snacks are very important in children since they provide additional nutrients they consume not necessarily at every meal. Also, are these that give them their energy and focus to get through a day. In addition to helping their growth!

We know that it is not easy to predict healthy snacks that kids will love. That’s why Arctic Gardens was thought to provide you with tips and recipe ideas to help you prepare for a week of healthy snacks!
Our 6 tips for well-designed snacks

Vegetable dish
1 – Vary the snacks during the week

Children and adults need different nutrients in a day. Unfortunately, there is not a miracle food that brings them all together! It is therefore vary the snack throughout the week in order to have as many nutrients as possible. For example, it comes to pick up fibers in fruits, proteins in nuts or vitamins in vegetables.
2 – Dose, and not to deprive

Kids love candy, and adults too! However, these aren’t the best snacks: rate of sugar or high salt, high in calories, very little fiber, protein and vitamins, etc. We therefore have to focus on snacks that better soutiendronts children throughout their day.

On the other hand, the idea is not to completely eliminate these foods from the diet of children or adults. On the contrary, it is better to eat a small amount once or twice a week to deprive themselves and not be able to stop once started treats! Choose a time in the week where the “junk” are permitted: evening cinema on Friday night, Saturday afternoon of games… we must indulge from time to time!
3 – Focus on what is homemade

Snacks of trade as Granola bars, muffins or pancakes are convenient, but be careful when we the chosen because they often take like a dessert! Yet once, it isn’t to eliminate them from your kids lunch boxes, but still focus on what is homemade.

There are only benefits to cook these snacks ourselves! As we know exactly what makes them up, avoid rates too high sugars, or traces of allergens that can cause problems (by examples nuts, eggs, gluten). In addition, we can add nutrients by choosing whole-wheat flours or by adding fruits and vegetables to our recipes! Cook big portions and fill your freezer of these good snacks home to always have on hand. Several recipes are also available throughout your reading. Feel free to discover!
4 – Be wary of snacks in the portions of the trade

There are a lot of snacks in the portions on the market. Often, they are offered in small bags about 20 g, containing 100 calories. These snacks are not bad in itself, however you should be aware of what they are in reality, most of the time, desserts! If you wouldn’t give a biscuit chip chocolate to your child between meals, give you a small bag of 20 g of that same cookie? Pay attention, touted their 100 calories, but the rest of the nutritional facts must also be taken into account!
5 – Always have something to eat at hand

You never know when a craving hits! When you’re hungry, we’re less focused, our energy down and can even suffer from headaches. To avoid these desagremments, always keep snacks with you and slide in addition to one in the kids lunch box. In addition, snacks with you having made sure we don’t succumb to the temptations offered in for example vending machines. Thus, we make healthy choices!