Design for the Fifth Wall ie Ceiling


The fifth wall, ceiling, no longer need to remain neutral white color. From the colors to the design surface dimensions, maintenance paint for the ceiling to add a little punch and unexpected color to the area. Find out more by reading Des Moines-based Hampton Wall Designs’ eight tips on increasing the ceiling in your home.


Adding texture to the ceiling can emphasize the architectural surface, setting the ceiling separated from the rest of the wall as a defined space. texture can be in the form of hand-painted paper, actual hand troweled on plaster. Texture adds richness and depth of the ceiling area.


Metallics ideal for ceiling paint treatment because they just shine. Composed of tiny mica particles, paint glistened like light, both natural and artificial, hits the paint from different angles. Whether it is a beautiful chandelier lighting defined spaces, or lighting a rope around a tray ceiling, the view is stunning. Metallics comes in different colors than gold or silver. From creamy pearl color deep metallic blues that mimic the night sky, metal ceiling is one of the hottest new trends in decorative painting.


Simple as painting your ceiling a different color can make a dramatic difference in a room. By painting the ceiling a dark color, the ceiling will naturally go down, making the room feel cozy and defined. Painting the plafon akustik a lighter color allows the room to open, and feel bigger than it actually is.

Hand Painted Papers

Hand painted paper look as though they are expensive multi-layered paint finish that takes days to make. Paper individually hand-painted by the artist before installation. The newspapers covered the ceiling textured and creating beautiful artwork. Hand painted paper is the perfect finishing touch to a tray ceiling master bedroom, where a splash of something upscale and define necessary.

Stencil design architecture

Latest rage in the design of the ceiling add a bit of drama and flair by including stencil design architectures to ceiling. From the center of the stencil around lights or small leaves around the room, it was destined to be a hit. Hampton Wall Design has hundreds of designs to choose from, or we can custom make any design based on fabric or other accent pieces.


Ceilings and sky seem to go hand in hand. Create themes sky with clouds and angels. Of cloudy dark night to the theater for the morning fog on the terrace of your four seasons, the clouds will open up space, and create an atmosphere.

Go Vintage

Adding a vintage map of the ceiling is a classic and stunning views to study or library. Vintage maps can be used and blown up to the desired size. By using the actual map vs. renting muralist to emulate this, saving homeowners time and money. For more drama, the plaster can be applied to the ceiling looks as if the map is hidden for ages!


Done classic, old washing soft translucent color, will add depth and dimension to any palate. A wash of color mimic the look of watercolor paintings is soft, yet subtle enough to blend in with the interior of the room. Umbers of red skin to age, wash add richness and depth. Perfect for small hallway ceiling and the ceiling of the master bathroom.

Teak patio furniture is Option A Very Luxury


When you are looking for an outdoor furniture that will be use as a supplement in the deck and you also want to get quality furniture that exudes a sense of luxury to the style, the teak deck furniture is one of the furniture that will surely need. Other than that there really is not any other kind of wood furniture that will give you many advantages offered by the teak deck furniture. Meanwhile, teak patio furniture might be worth a little expensive compared with furniture made from other materials. They have benefits that very much and very rare because it is rarely shared by many other furniture made.

In addition, the appeal of which is on the teak deck furniture would have been known by many people. In fact, power problems ahan they no longer need to be discussed because it is clear if they are widely used as ingredients shipbuilders that is very reliable. If identity could only be able to survive in extremely harsh elements in rough seas, the teak deck furniture also can certainly survive in the page without requiring a lot of care means. They will be able to make an appearance in the backyard to be very nice.

Furniture teak deck has also long been known for their ability to withstand a wide range of outdoor climates. Teak furniture is really durable. Until they often can be one that is highly durable furniture to reach the owner of the furniture lifetime. They will be able to survive for several decades without losing their great view. There are even some people who feel they were able to find teak furniture will be more beautiful when they last long and Teak Furniture Supplier color to silver gray. In addition, there are a lot of furniture buyers who could not find other furniture replacement teak furniture.

For a while, teak wood is very controversial. Because teak deck teak furniture and other products are in high demand as the teak forests are being destroyed. Thanks to the innovation of teak plantations, teak is currently grown as a cash crop and teak producers responsible buying teak farmed exclusively for the purpose of manufacturing, allowing the teak forests to regenerate. When buying teak deck furniture, see if the furniture is made of teak plantations or if it is made of teak wood taken from fine teak forests.

By the time we spend on the teak deck furniture, then you also have to feel ready to spend more money and time than you do on the resin deck to deck furniture or furniture made of wood types made from other types of wood. Teak deck furniture is very expensive and it is also very in keeping with the luxury that you will get later. Often you can find a variety of teak furniture that is sold at a reduced price or cheaper price.

Recoloring Shoes Outdated


Either most of the time or trying to keep myself busy I’ll be a run on the assignments were piled up, suddenly my mind just  create something when the sweet look in a pair of shoes piled in the corner. The color is already faded.  not clear. But sometimes I still use. I had confidence that I could do something so that the shoes can seem more authoritative.

Download hp. Searching.

In that search I discovered a variety of ways, from the looks normal, namely by rubbing the rubber soles made toothpaste let back in white, paint the fabric is made of acrylic paint (if you want a nice gentlemen wear paint Angelus, but I think that is too expensive if just have some fun ), and I also remember the way which I think is rather not normal practice but never my friend, are painted to use spray paint. Steady ?

After thinking hard, finally I decided to use one of the ways which I think is quite normal and not complicated-very complicated (it’s actually quite risky and real complicated. A little.), Which re-color shoes using wantex. Although it had hesitated for fear of rubber soles melted and remove from the heat, but finally I did, too. Why? Because I’ll never know the results before trying it.

The time of execution.

Take a big pot or pan that roughly fit the shoe inserted. Remember, shoes should be submerged in order to color evenly. Remember, too, wok / pan it must be not used. Why? Because if the pan / skillet was still in use, I fear poisoning lo pas meal cooked dishes use pots / pans, because the chemicals from wantex was still stuck there. Or, / skillet to whom , even if later the wok / pan was still using that for cooking and the chemicals are still stuck there, at least not lo poisoning.

Input (I use 2 packs) wantex into (I use the science of approx. Yes, roughly ) of water in the pan / wok and wait for it to boil. Oh, yes, there are salt, he let the colors do not fade quickly, and I wear 4 teaspoon salt, or to taste .

Wait until boiling.

After boiling, put the shoes into the pan / skillet that, and try shoes. Do not forget to occasionally stirring in order to color evenly.

Wait at least 1 hour until the color is really pervasive and evenly.

Remove and wait for it to cool.

Brush to clean the soles of shoes. Look carefully at the soles of his shoes, because there soles that absorb and there is not. For the case of my shoe, soles followup discolored and can not go back and white, but already I brush. In fact I think it can be and not also change color. Well, fate. It makes me boiled again let the color of the soles evenly, because the price was not.

Rinse and dry.

Once dry, using again.
That I wear socks yes. I was not the skin.

Soles suffered any item XD

I think that the results are not disappointing. My shoe back looks authoritative, and there is even a new thought, to insist anyway, when I got the shoes. For durability of color, I do not know. Hopefully just the color last longer.

Not bad, rather than having to buy a new, renew existing better. More economical. More fishing creativity. And, leisure time more useful. Yeah, I know, I should weve prioritize work on the task than. But, Do it yourself.

How to Get Teak Outdoor Furniture, But Also Can Still Save Much Money?


Teak wood is much preferred for use in a wide variety of patio furniture as a chaise longue one example, then they are widely used in summer underway long enough. But when winter comes, usually Teak Furniture Wholesale will be entered into. So what exactly makes teak furniture so very popular? In addition to great when seen, wood is also very strong and when ripe, this wood will change color to gray Silber will look really great on your patio. Additionally, identity also seems to have a very high degree of naturalness, which naturally they could be resistant to the insect an insect. That means they only require little maintenance compared with other types of wood furniture. They are also not affected at all by the effects of the sun there. Teak outdoor furniture so it can be matched with any climate that lasts. Investing in quality that lasts will save you money in the long run.

teak seat space offered as teak steamers, loungers and recliner in accordance with the style and theme you like. Often they may be ordered with a pillow, but at the moment must be ordered independently. Get a pillow designed to order is not expensive but will ensure that they fit together with a selection of patio furniture other fabrics. high quality pillows are usually easy to clean and also have a good fullness which will ensure that they are much more luxurious.

When you are currently looking for a chair that is very long, then do not forget to consider that there are an awful lot lounger that can be useful in various ranges of heights often set homeowners up to 3-4 position, while the ship will also allow them to rest different positions. In general, long teak chairs it will feel very comfortable to use. But they probably will only have 2-3 positions can be restored. Loungers are now more varied than the few hundred dollars that have been incurred by the buyer. Although teak is much more expensive than various other hardwoods, it is actually much more robust and also simple to maintain.

It turns out, there is still an alternative choice to be able to get teak furniture is much cheaper. You can buy furniture with classic models made of wrought iron or cast iron outdoor furniture. Benches made of wrought iron will usually often used as a nap outdoors and they are many placed around the pool or backyard. They are still allowed to be outdoors without requiring a lot of care means.

The Best Paris Car Rentals advice

Rental Mobil Penjaringan Jakarta Utara murah

One of the most amazing places to visit in your upcoming holidays is Marseille. There are lots of amazing locations and monuments that can really be a feast for your eyes. But, it doesn’t really matter if you want to visit Grotte Conquer to see cave paintings or other locations in Marseille because you will always be in need for some means of transportation. To achieve this task, you will have to find some Marseille car rentals.

Although it is not hard to find Marseille car rentals companies, but, you must take specific care while choosing one amongst them. There are lots of companies which will try to take advantage by offering cars at relatively high prices. This situation is really common in some cities where tourists do go too often. In case Marseille car rentals, you will again be presented with a diverse range of options. Some of these options will absolutely perfect for you, and some will only try to take money from you. This is the situation where you must use your intellect to spot the right company.

Always keep in mind that traveling to another country involves lots of issues and transportation is one of those issues. If you pay sufficient attention to this issue, you will surely be able to resolve it in a better way. It, however, is significant to mention that Marseille car rentals will always help you to explore the city in an optimum way. In fact, there are some places where you will only be able to go in your vehicle.

The fact of the matter is to get in and around different locations in Marseille. You need adequate transportation facilities. Though there are several options available to use while visiting Marseille, but, the best idea is about using Marseille car rentals. Having a vehicle of your own can really help you to explore different places in your own specific way. There will be no hurry to move from one place to another as you will have all the time in the world to check a place in the best possible way. So, while in Marseille, don’t forget to get in touch with some Marseille car rentals companies to enhance your traveling experience.

This article was provided courtesy of Rental Mobil Penjaringan Jakarta Utara, which is a leading online car rental company based on the Jakarta Indonesia. Find out more information about car rental services and range of rent cars by visiting the website

Useful Tips About Mobile Phones

Purchasing a brand new mobile phone is one thing nearly everybody needs to do nowadays. Not everybody possess the understanding for making good choices with regards to purchasing mobile phones. Make use of this article to obtain some good tips that may help you just do might truly love the telephone you’ve.

Useful Tips About Mobile PhonesIf you wish to provide your preteen a mobile phone, make certain you receive them an agenda that matches your financial allowance as well as their needs. When they prefer to text a great deal, you should think about plans which have limitless texting. If you do not, you might finish track of an enormous bill.

When looking for a mobile phone, think about the features that you will need. Phones offer lots of features these days, including Access to the internet, cameras and the opportunity to perform various apps. While all of these functions are nice, may possibly not cost having to pay which are more costly phone should you will not rely on them. Be cautious prior to making one last selection.

To increase battery existence of the mobile phone, make certain that apps aren’t running without anyone’s knowledge whatsoever occasions. Some apps is constantly run unless of course you disable them, which can drain your battery rapidly. Look at your configurations to determine what you ought to do today to turn these apps off making your battery keep going longer.

In case your mobile phone is acting gradually after an operating-system upgrade, it might be here we are at a substitute. This is also true for older phones. It might be so old the new operating-system is simply too memory intensive to function easily in your phone. Talk to a carrier to determine your options.

Should you phone will get wet, it is not always beyond repair. The very first factor to test is to get battery and set the unit right into a container of grain. The grain will attract any moisture from inside.

If you’re looking for a brand new mobile phone and therefore are unsure about how to consider, do your favor and get your buddies and family people for opinions. By seeking personal strategies for both models and brands, the procedure is going to be much easier. Getting something know people like could be a terrific way to finish up pleased with your brand-new phone.

Mobile phones have grown to be probably the most common bits of technology we’ve. However, to obtain the one that really meets your needs, you should know a great deal. Hopefully, you’ve just learned all you need to know to purchase and employ a mobile phone.

Living in Outdoor With Comfortable Using Teak Patio Furniture


In the afternoon sun can warm your skin during relax using teak recliner chair with a pillow and your books. In addition, your eyes may also be looked around the yard to admire your teak furniture. There is a park bench, a set of tables and chairs on the terrace as well as a few other seats around you. They have a lot through the various elements in the outdoors for many years with good. Therefore, teak furniture can be one investment very good and promising.

Teak is naturally resistant to water. They will not easily rot or crack. That is what makes teak become one of the best wood astu used to make outdoor furniture. In addition, they are also widely used to make ships and bridges. Because of their great durability, making you able to sit in the back yard with a comfortable lifetime. Whether you just sit there or eat out with the family, using teak furniture can all be overcome with good. Deep seated furniture combines the comfort of indoor furniture with teak durability for most indoor seating. You’ll love sinking into the thick of six inches and a roomy 25 “cushion widths included. Meanwhile, teak furniture will also allow you to fill the terrace in a way that is simple but elegant. They are often seen in many luxury resorts or backyards of the rich . But for the moment, teak furniture can be obtained anyone especially when they buy furniture online.

Instead of trudging from store You can compare prices and styles with the click of a button. Maybe you want a place to sit in the dock to rest after an excursion on a motor boat or maybe you just want a simple romantic retreat in your yard with teak swing. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find online. And the best part is that teak patio furniture is virtually maintenance free. Just treat it with teak protector once a year to maintain the natural honey brown color or let it weather to a silvery gray handsome.

Teak furniture can last a lifetime if treated in the right way. In addition to using online shopping, you will also be able to add them to your collection of objects later. Therefore, try to find a chair and then match them with benches or shady umbrellas and tables. It was only an anticipation when you suddenly need shade. A small shelf beside them will be able to use to store your magazines and books there. Teak Furniture Indonesia will blend perfectly with the various designs of their homes. Even pillow you buy you can also dress up using your personal tastes so that they can look very pretty.

No matter the type or style of teak patio furniture what you choose you will always be guaranteed timeless style and beauty when you live in luxury outdoors. Chairs, benches, rockers and swings the comfort and grace of teak chairs unmatched. When you decide to invest in outdoor furniture you just can not beat the timeless elegance and appeal of the magnificent teak.

Removing Popcorn Ceiling


To remove the popcorn ceiling safely, you must first understand what the substance can contain. Popcorn ceilings or cottage cheese ceiling is a ceiling treatment that appear decades before the Clean Air Act of 1978, which prohibits the use of asbestos in the ceiling treatments. Many of the treatments contain the toxin. Popcorn ceilings abolition, therefore, can be a dangerous task if it is not managed by the company popcorn ceiling deletion. The relationship between asbestos exposure and cancer has been strong enough to motivate government intervention and remove chemicals from our lives in many ways. For those trying to remove the popcorn ceiling itself, the general rule of thumb is to send a sample from the ceiling to the test and ensure that the sample does not contain asbestos before starting the process. Even so, the risk of the test sample itself by cutting the ceiling may involve inhaling toxic and for this reason some people choose to get a qualified contractor to manage and implement the process.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Use the Company or Do It Yourself?

If the pursuit of these do it yourself, someone must send samples out. And, if all is clear, it is highly advisable to remove the furniture from the room and closed the floor and walls with a protective material before starting. From there, a lot of tutorials suggest soaking with water for 10-15 minutes and then began to erode. Tools used include garden sprayer to apply water and ceiling plafon gypsum semarang texture scraper to remove the material. Removal is also advised to order a fairly small room to work quickly, so that the material under the ceiling popcorn does not have much time to absorb the water and obtain damages.

Website EPA suggest they were issued for the construction and renovation materials of interest to use a removal company popcorn ceiling rather than seeking professional who D.I.Y. s. The site also states that has a popcorn ceiling material, if it does not have any damage, not necessarily a health risk. All the same, many homeowners who feel more comfortable eliminating these materials once they find out that it may contain asbestos, though it is attached noise insulation properties.

To consult a company, make sure that the company is a qualified contractor for the removal of asbestos. Contractors identify themselves with these terms and others such as the abolition of cheese ceilings and elimination of acoustic ceilings.

According to the EPA, quality contractors willing to provide written analysis before starting work, and a summary of what has been done when the process is completed. The government agency also recommends choosing a company that takes care of visual inspection at the beginning of the process.

potential hazard

Some of those who study trends in asbestos and mesothelioma have noticed the upward movement in contracting the disease by those involved in the renovation of DIY and women. Speculators believe this relationship exists because women’s increased exposure to asbestos through the work environment and because of asbestos-containing material that is often filled by DIY remodels.

The answer of how to remove popcorn ceilings safely on your own is one tenuous. Mesothelioma is not the only asbestos related diseases and even handling asbestos-related quality materials do pose some risk exposure and health problems later.


If you choose to do it yourself, the benefit is that you can avoid the cost of professional labor. However, you are considered to weigh the risks of chemical exposure and go through the necessary testing procedures to identify whether the surface you will be working to contain asbestos. It is a process that can help you determine whether the project is one that you should ignore for the moment, to try for themselves or pass on to people who have been trained in the removal process cottage cheese ceilings. In short, to decide how and if you want to remove popcorn ceilings is best done when you understand your options.

Red Beans for Health Benefits


A number of nutrient content in the beans provide a series of benefits for health. Here it is for health benefits of red beans that have been tested:

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Red beans ranked at the top, on the list of foods that contain antioxidants. Researchers at the US Department of Agriculture conducted a survey on 100 different foods. The results were quite surprising that the antioxidant content of red beans, exceed the quality antioxidant benefits of other fruits are cultivated like blueberries, cranberries and cherries. Antioxidants are useful to maintain the function of the cells, which is related to free radical damage.

2. Sources of Vegetable Protein

Beans are a healthy source of protein, by combining red beans with grains other appendages such as the benefits of brown rice. Nuts contain complete protein, with all kinds of amino acids needed for good nutrition. In contrast to meat, nuts lower in fat and cholesterol-free.

when the body gets the benefits of protein from beans, also supports heart health of versatile soluble fiber provided by these nuts. A cup of beans provides more than 15 grams of protein.

3. Increase Body Energy

Red beans are also a good source of iron. Iron content is very high in nuts can meet the needs of the waterwheel. Each 1 cup serving of red beans that have been cooked, containing more than 5 mg of iron. Equivalent to 30 percent of the daily requirement of nutrients. Energy body’s metabolic processes, also need iron.

In addition, iron is an integral component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to all body cells. Therefore, consuming red beans is necessary to aid the smooth circulation of oxygen in the body. If you’re in a state of pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to increase the intake of iron. This is to support the growth of the fetus and children, as well as the benefits of spinach.

4. Healthy Digestion

Red beans famous for their fiber content, which many other nuts such as, benefits of green beans. The fiber content is very helpful digestion occurs in the intestine. Fiber helps bowel movement always runs well. Ultimately this could lead to the good stuff on the smooth defecation. The smoothness of this digestion is very positive bersampak at a decreased risk of colon cancer symptoms.

5. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Fiber in beans helps lower blood cholesterol levels by helping push cholesterol, through the digestive tract before the body absorb it. High fiber content of beans indicated, the food to be very slow to digest and have a low glycemic index. Thus, red beans can be a healthy choice for diabetics or for people who want to control blood sugar levels.

Advantages And Disadvantages AC Inverter

Inverter air conditioner is more smart innovations. Service ac balikpapan AC inverter is equipped with components that regulate the work of the compressor according to the needs.
In AC (Air Conditioner), Inverter technology means that is used to control the speed of the compressor motor to drive the flow of refrigerant variable in the air conditioning system to regulate the temperature of the room to make it more stable.

In addition, AC Inverter is also equipped with a variable frequancy combining electrical inverter that can be adjusted to control the speed of the compressor motor so as to save power.

eknologi inverter integrated in the outdoor unit, it is because the speed control motor capable in subtly share level.
AC Inverter use of refrigerant R410a, besides considered rama environment, was also friendly ozone or not easily damage the ozone layer.

Therefore, the price of AC inverter has prices a bit more expensive in comparison with a conventional AC or non-AC inverter.

From knowing the definition above, then any Advantages and Disadvantages of AC Inverter them?

Okay direct course, this explanation.
Advantages and Disadvantages of AC Inverter
Excess AC Inverter
Cold more comfortable.
Saving electricity.

Already using R410a refrigerant are friendly ozone and including the recommended type of freon for the current government.
Compressor sound more refined, so rama environment.
Disadvantages AC Inverter
The price is more expensive.
The cost of expensive treatments.

No process is idle or stunby so that the compressor works continuously, but will probably spin more slowly when it reaches the specified temperature.
Prices of spare parts and freon expensive.

“Select inverter if: Want to save electricity, the room is closed, not too fast cool”
Because AC Inverter uses freon R410a and stronger pressure, suggested to use a thicker pipe than conventional air conditioning pipes or non-inverter air conditioner.
So, If you are now using non-inverter air conditioner, and I want to switch to AC inverter, forced you must dismantle the pipeline or installation, and replaced with a thicker pipe.